3 College Friends Start Online Bakery Business, Turn it Into ₹ 75 Crore Business

Started in 2016, Bakingo – a online bakery – works on a cloud kitchen version, and is a multi-crore sales business  today with a presence in over 11 cities within the country

The road to Bakingo began 6 years before the challenge while 3 college buddies – Himanshu Chawla, Shrey Sehgal and Suman Patra – from New Delhi’s Netaji Subhash college got here collectively for their entrepreneurial efforts.

After some years in company jobs publish completing college in 2006 and 2007, the trio based their first mission flower aura, a web flower, cake and customized gifting enterprise started in 2010.

“flower air of mystery had very humble beginnings from a basement in Gurugram,” suman told the weekend chief while talking about its journey.

The project became launched with ₹ 2 lakh capital in February 2010, a year earlier than suman joined in.

“to begin with, we had simply one employee who labored as a customer support consultant and also controlled operations and delivery,” he introduced, before taking place to talk approximately the step forward day.

Valentine’s day of 2010 – order rely rose exponentially, and the co-founders Himanshu and Shrey had to pitch in to control the deliveries of the order.

“that day, Himanshu hand and I introduced at the least 50 per cent of the orders across Delhi NCR,” brought Shrey.

The assignment witnessed exponential increase, and the founders notion it become the proper time for enlargement.

In 2016, Himanshu Chawla, Shrey Sehgal and Suman Patra based Bakingo as a separate logo underneath a brand new business.

The challenge makes a Speciality of filling within the hole of a business that would offer the identical brand of sparkling cakes with the same flavor from a couple of places across the united states.

“bakery enterprise in India has traditionally been a greater localized experience, nearly like a boutique, that would serve the excellent product, but fails to scale up with shops at multiple locations,” Himanshu stated.

The organization gives a much broader variety of desserts to pick from, no longer just in massive towns like Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Delhi NCR but also in tier two cities, which include Merrut Panipat Rohtak and Karnal, amongst others.

Near 30 consistent with cent of Bakingo’s income show up through its web site, while the closing 70 in line with cent of income show up on other meals portals inclusive of swingy and Zomato.

The organization finished the FY 2021-22 with a turnover of ₹ 75 crores and has a team of workers of over 500 human beings. Bakingo also opened its first offline outlet in Delhi this year.

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