5 Best SEO Certifications

1) Google’s Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certification

This one’s not technically an SEO certification but features SEO modules, including modules about search ads and local search.

  • Level: Beginner
  • Hours: 40
  • Key learning outcomes: Analytics, business strategy, SEO, SEM, content marketing, and several other core aspects of digital marketing
  • Price: Free
  • Number enrolled: 300,000+

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2) Google Analytics 4 On Skillshop

If you’re going to be using Google’s tools, there’s no better teacher than the people who made them.

  • Level: Beginner through advanced users
  • Hours: About an hour per course
  • Key learning outcomes: Analyzing your website and performance with GA4
  • Price: Free

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3) UC Davis Search Engine Optimization Specialization

University of California, Davis offers this specialization in SEO.

It’s a series of five courses culminating in a capstone project.

  • Level: Beginner-intermediate (two or more years of industry experience)
  • Hours: About 120 – six hours per week over five months
  • Key learning outcomes: Keyword research, marketing, SEO, how search algorithms work, competitive analysis, creating SEO reports
  • Price: Free
  • Number enrolled: Around 120,000

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4) HubSpot’s SEO Certification Course

HubSpot’s Academy is legitimately cool. It’s all free and online, not unlike Google’s learning resources. It’s also easy to search for certifications on various digital marketing-related topics.

  • Level: Beginner-intermediate
  • Hours: Just over 2
  • Key learning outcomes: Keyword research, link building, website analysis
  • Price: Free
  • Number enrolled: Around 250,000 (in the entire Hubspot Academy, not just this course)

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5) Semrush SEO Fundamentals Exam

Semrush structures its courses and certifications a bit differently.

It lists courses separately from the exams.

If you’re confident in your knowledge and up for a challenge, you can quickly jump into the exams and earn a certification.

  • Level: Beginner-intermediate
  • Hours: Exam – about 30 minutes. Course – Four hours.
  • Key learning outcomes: SEO basics, technical SEO, ranking signals, mobile SEO
  • Price: Free

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