A 12th class Student Created App for Agricultural Sector

Sarah Sachin Ayichita is a 12th class student who is paying attention as a teen innovator in India. The innovations done by Sarah for farmers have been recognized at various levels. Sarah and his friends Mahak Poonia and Suvicha have created an app based program which will enable real time monitoring of all aspects of soil health and crop growth to observe irrigation on farms. Three students from Bengaluru Hebbal Air Force Schools

Sarah came up with the solutions to solve the problem when she saw the pain of the relative pump to pump water into the farm. It was thought how to pump up the water at regular intervals to get the crop needed. Prototype was constructed by connecting with the help of sensors with water pumping motors. Protocol and product development are developed in the support of the Atal Tinkering Lab and the technology company Intel.

The farmers, including the cash flows of the soil, have real-time prosBam-based solutions, including the Help Desk, and their team members. They note that hard-earned farmers often do not get a damaged reward. The solutions to avoid this situation are also considered. This suggests that the problem will be resolved if the farmers are notified, including market value of the product, to some extent.

Sarah and his colleagues estimate that this product will help farmers in succeeding farmer suicides. Sara was the youngest Innovator to attend the Bengaluru Developer Weekend.

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