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Timebucks is one of the best reward websites available on the internet today. It not only provides us with an opportunity for an extra income but also much of its tasks are seemingly nominal for us. They are so easy that one might say we are getting paid for doing almost nothing. timbucks also provides us with not one or two but a whole bunch of different earning platforms. Let’s see what the website has to offer us, for us to grab a good amount of additional bucks.

What does timebucks offer us?

As mentioned before, timebucks offers us not one or two but a whole buffet of earning platforms, including $1 bonus when you first sign up. These include –

Paid Surveys:

TimeBucks offers quite a good amount of paid surveys. You can take surveys through a number of different providers get paid to your TimeBucks account. How many surveys that are available will, however, vary depending on the country you live in.

Watching Videos:

You can watch small videos and get paid when you have seen a certain amount of seconds. But the rewards for this option are very low, so not an option to use to really boost your income, but nice to earn a bit, if it is a video you would like to watch anyway.


There is an offer wall with access to a number of different offers. This can, for example, be to get paid for application downloads, to sign up for a website, to test a product for free, etc. Some of these offers have really good rewards.

Daily Poll:

There is a daily short poll. You can participate once a day and get paid for it. It only pays you $0.01 to do it, but it also is one question that takes a second to answer.

Viewing Content:

You can view different content and get paid for it. Mostly different slideshows where you have to watch 10 pages to get paid. And watching 10 slides takes no time at all.


Timebucks offers several raffles where you can win extra money. Each raffle has a specific entry-amount possible, and as soon as that is reached, the winner will be drawn. There are raffles where you can win $1, $10, $50 and $500. One entry costs $0.01 and you can buy as many as you like. If you are lucky, this can be a great way to boost your income.

Referring Friends:

You can invite other friends to join TimeBucks and get paid a commission for it. TimeBucks also gives you the option to buy referrals. That means that you can pay and you will then start having new people that sign up, “under” you and get commissions for their earnings. You have to buy at least 30 referrals, and they cost $0.15 each.


You can use Time Bucks to advertise or get answers for a poll you want to make yourself. You can, for example, make a poll where other members will give you answers. You will pay $0.02 per answer and have to buy at least 100. Other members will then get paid to participate.

It can be a great and easy way to get some feedback if you have a company and would benefit from it. You can also pay to get views on YouTube videos. Both have the possibility to target the demography you wish to.

Daily Contest:

Every day, the top 5 earners on timebucks will be rewarded with extra cash. First place will get $20 down to $1 for the fifth place. And it is not that difficult to earn enough to be in the top, so this can be a great way to make a very nice extra reward.

How does timebucks Pay?

timebucks offers only two methods for you to receive your earnings. You can either encash it or if you have a Paypal account, you can get your earnings transferred there. However, Time Bucks also allows you to get paid in Bitcoins if that is your preference.

timebucks pays on a weekly basis. To be more specific, every Wednesday. The minimum earning in your wallet must be $10 for you to withdraw your earnings.

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