Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme 2023: Registration, Benefits, Scheme Components


The Athijeevanam Keraleeyam Scheme, inaugurated by the Government of Kerala, is an employment initiative consisting of five components. This comprehensive scheme aims to provide job opportunities and livelihood support to the people of Kerala. In this article, we will delve into the scheme’s benefits, application procedure, required documents, objectives, features, and components.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan officially launched the Athijeevanam Keraleeyam Scheme on August 27, 2020. The state government plans to employ approximately 50,000 individuals during the current fiscal year. This initiative falls under the purview of the CM Local Employment Assurance Program (LEAP), which is dedicated to boosting local employment opportunities.

The Athijeevanam Keraleeyam Scheme comprises five key components: Yuva Project, Connect to Work,    EDP-K, ARISE, and KMEDP. Each component addresses specific aspects of employment and skill development, ensuring a comprehensive approach to tackling the unemployment challenge in the state.

Under the Yuva Project, the scheme aims to provide job opportunities to young individuals by matching their skills with suitable employment options. Connect to Work focuses on connecting job seekers with potential employers through a robust networking system. The Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP-K) aims to foster entrepreneurship by providing training, guidance, and financial assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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ARISE, another component of the scheme, focuses on assisting the rehabilitation and employment of migrant workers who have returned to Kerala. This component aims to empower migrant workers by offering skill development programs and facilitating their reintegration into the workforce. Lastly, the Kerala Micro Enterprise Development Programme (KMEDP) supports the establishment and growth of micro-enterprises by providing financial assistance and mentoring.

To support the successful implementation of the Athijeevanam Keraleeyam Scheme, a budget allocation of Rs. 145 crores has been earmarked under the Rebuild Kerala program. Additionally, Rs. 20.50 crore has been designated as plan support for the scheme.


About Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme
State Kerala
Launched By Government of Kerela
Launched on 27 August 2020
Benefit Provides employment
Beneficiaries Unemployed people
Official Website Not released yet

The objective of the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Yojana

The Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme has several key objectives, including:

  1. Employment Generation: The primary objective of the scheme is to provide employment opportunities to the people of Kerala. By creating job opportunities through various components of the scheme, the government aims to address the issue of unemployment in the state.
  2. Reduced Unemployment: Through the implementation of the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme, approximately 50,000 individuals will have the opportunity to secure new employment. This will contribute to reducing the overall unemployment rate in Kerala.
  3. Self-Dependency: By facilitating employment and livelihood support, the scheme aims to empower individuals and make them self-dependent. By gaining access to stable and sustainable employment, citizens can improve their living standards and achieve economic independence.


The Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme offers the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced Employment: Through this scheme, the government aims to employ 50,000 individuals during the current financial year. This initiative will provide new employment opportunities to the people of Kerala, contributing to reduced unemployment rates.
  2. Implementation under CM Local Employment Assurance Program: The Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme is implemented under the CM Local Employment Assurance Program. This program focuses on ensuring local employment and sustainable livelihoods for the people of Kerala.
  3. Access to New Employment Opportunities: By enrolling in the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme, individuals gain access to a wide range of new employment opportunities. These opportunities span various sectors and industries, allowing individuals to explore different career paths and enhance their professional growth.

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