Best Credit Cards – Up to 25% cashback on spend; Here are 4 credit cards

Best Credit Cards

In the contemporary landscape of consumerism, shopping has transcended traditional seasonal patterns, evolving into a year-round activity fueled by the proliferation of online retail platforms. Recognizing the escalating costs associated with these transactions, credit card companies have responded by introducing enticing cashback programs to maximize benefits for consumers. Among the top contenders in this realm, four credit cards stand out, each offering lucrative cashback opportunities and distinct advantages.

1. Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card:

  • This collaboration between Flipkart and Axis Bank presents a compelling option for avid online shoppers. Notably, an annual spending threshold of Rs 3.5 lakh can result in a waiver of the Rs 500 annual fee.
  • Exclusive benefits include a substantial 5% cashback on Flipkart purchases, as well as attractive rates of 4% cashback on Cleartrip, Cult.Fit, PVR, Swingy, Tata Play, and Uber. For other general shopping, a commendable 1.5% cashback is offered.
Best Credit Cards

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2. Amazon ICICI Credit Card:

  • In a strategic partnership between Amazon and ICICI, this credit card boasts a no-annual-fee structure. Amazon Prime members enjoy an impressive 5% cashback on Amazon purchases, while non-Prime members still benefit from a respectable 3% cashback.
  • Furthermore, the card extends 2% cashback for transactions at Amazon Pay partner merchants and 1% cashback on all other expenditures.
Best Credit Cards

3. Swiggy HDFC Credit Card:

  • Jointly launched by HDFC Bank and Swiggy, this card offers a tempting proposition with an annual fee of Rs 500, waived upon spending Rs 2 lakh annually.
  • Exclusive perks include a noteworthy 10% cashback on Swiggy, Instasmart, Dineout, and Genie. Additionally, users can avail themselves of a 5% cashback on credit card purchases from partnered merchants and a 1% cashback on all other expenditures.
Best Credit Cards

4. Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card:

  • A collaboration between Airtel and Axis Bank, this card caters specifically to Airtel subscribers. With an annual fee of Rs 500, waived upon spending Rs 2 lakh annually, it offers an array of advantages.
  • Users can enjoy an impressive 25% cashback on Airtel mobile, broadband, Wi-Fi, and DTH bill payments through Airtel Thanks. Furthermore, 10% cashback on utility bill payments via the Airtel Thanks app and shopping with platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, and BigBasket. For other transactions, a standard 1% cashback applies.
Best Credit Cards

In conclusion, these four credit cards not only provide attractive cashback incentives but also cater to diverse consumer preferences and spending patterns. As consumers navigate the evolving landscape of online shopping, these credit cards emerge as valuable tools to enhance financial benefits and provide a seamless shopping experience.

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