BOI FD Scheme – Get 7 Lakhs in 175 Days – Earn More in New Year – Comprehensive Guide

BOI FD Scheme

The Super Special FD :BOI FD Scheme

In the dynamic landscape of financial investments, discerning investors are constantly on the lookout for avenues that promise both security and substantial returns. One such avenue that has caught the attention of high-net-worth individuals and corporates alike is the Super Special Fixed Deposit (FD) Scheme introduced by the esteemed Bank of India.

With its robust legacy spanning over 5,100 branches across India, Bank of India has long been a beacon of trust and reliability in the banking sector.

Unveiling the Super Special FD Scheme

The Super Special FD Scheme (BOI FD Scheme) is not just another investment opportunity; it is a meticulously crafted financial instrument designed to cater to the unique needs of investors seeking short-term, high-yield options. At the heart of this scheme lies an attractive interest rate of 7.50 percent per annum, setting it apart from conventional FD schemes available in the market.

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What makes this offering particularly compelling is its investment tenure of 175 days, striking a balance between short-term liquidity and attractive returns.

Accessibility and Eligibility

One of the most commendable aspects of the Super Special FD Scheme (BOI FD Scheme) is its inclusive nature. This exclusive offering is open to both existing and new customers of Bank of India, democratizing access to high-yield investment opportunities. However, it is pertinent to note that the scheme is tailored for discerning investors with a significant surplus of funds. The minimum investment threshold for the Super Special FD Scheme stands at Rs. 2 crore, making it an ideal choice for high-net-worth individuals and corporates looking to strategically allocate their surplus funds.

The Financial Mechanics: A Deep Dive

To comprehend the true potential of the Super Special FD Scheme (BOI FD Scheme) , it is essential to delve into the financial mechanics underpinning this offering. Let us consider an illustrative scenario: an investment of Rs. 2 crore in the Super Special FD Scheme. At an attractive interest rate of 7.50 percent per annum, this investment would accrue an impressive interest of Rs. 7,19,178.08 over the tenure of 175 days.

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Upon the completion of the 175-day tenure, the maturity amount would comprise the principal investment of Rs. 2 crore along with the accrued interest, totaling Rs. 2,7,19,178.08. This translates to a substantial return on investment, reaffirming the Super Special FD Scheme’s position as one of the most lucrative fixed investment schemes available in the contemporary financial landscape.

Strategic Implications for Investors

Beyond the attractive returns, the Super Special FD Scheme (BOI FD Scheme) offers strategic implications for investors. In an era characterized by market volatility and economic uncertainty, the scheme provides a stable and secure avenue for parking surplus funds. The short-term nature of the investment tenure ensures liquidity, allowing investors to capitalize on emerging opportunities while safeguarding their capital.

Moreover, the scheme’s alignment with the Bank of India’s sterling reputation for reliability instills confidence among investors. With its expansive network of over 5,100 branches, Bank of India ensures seamless transactional experiences, further enhancing the scheme’s appeal for both existing and prospective customers.


In conclusion, the Super Special FD Scheme (BOI FD Scheme) introduced by Bank of India emerges as a beacon of opportunity in the realm of financial investments. Combining an attractive interest rate, a favorable investment tenure, and the backing of a trusted banking institution, the scheme presents a compelling proposition for high-net-worth individuals and corporates. As investors navigate the complex landscape of financial instruments, the Super Special FD Scheme stands out as a testament to prudent financial planning, promising both security and substantial returns.

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