Business Ideas – 11 Lucrative Business Ideas to Consider In Kerala

Business Ideas

Kerala, renowned for its natural beauty and robust tourism industry, offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurs seeking profitable ventures. The state’s high literacy rate and well-connected infrastructure further enhance its appeal for business development. This article explores 11 promising business ideas that individuals can consider to capitalize on the diverse opportunities in Kerala.

1) Tourism Industry:

With Kerala being a top destination, the thriving tourism industry contributes significantly to the state’s GDP. Entrepreneurs can explore various avenues such as starting a travel agency, operating hotels, establishing Ayurveda retreats, running restaurants, or offering photography and videography services to cater to the ever-growing tourist influx.

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2) Online Saree Shop:

Embrace Kerala’s rich cultural heritage by starting an online business focused on selling the elegant Kasavu sarees. This venture not only holds business potential but also plays a role in promoting the traditional attire globally.

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3) Incense Sticks Production:

For those seeking a low-investment option, agarbatti (incense sticks) production proves to be a viable choice. Kerala provides easy access to raw materials, making it an ideal location for starting an agarbatti manufacturing unit. The demand for incense sticks in both commercial and religious sectors further adds to the business prospects.

4) Spice Business:

Leveraging Kerala’s abundant spice resources, entrepreneurs can venture into the spice industry. From pepper and cardamom to turmeric and cinnamon, Kerala’s spices are valued globally. Spice tourism, allowing visitors to explore spice plantations, also presents an exciting opportunity.

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5) Tea and Coffee Industry:

The lush landscapes of Kerala host numerous tea and coffee plantations. Entrepreneurs can tap into this industry by starting a cafe business or an online platform to sell products sourced from these plantations, catering to the ever-growing demand for premium tea and coffee.

6) Banana Chips Business:

Capitalizing on the popularity of banana chips as a snack, entrepreneurs can either establish their small-scale banana chips industry or collaborate with existing producers to sell these treats online.

7) Ayurvedic Products:

Kerala’s ayurvedic products, rooted in authentic recipes and ancient texts, offer substantial potential for small-scale businesses. The increasing interest in ayurvedic products and aroma oils positions Kerala as a sought-after destination for ayurvedic enthusiasts.

8) Coconut-Based Business:

With low initial investment requirements, a coconut-based business allows entrepreneurs to create a range of food and snack items. From jaggery to sweets and spicy mixtures, these products can be sold through both offline and online channels.

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9) Handmade Chocolate Business:

Local chocolates in Kerala are popular among tourists, presenting an opportunity for entrepreneurs in the handmade chocolate business. Additionally, offering guided tours to chocolate production facilities can generate additional income.

10) Handicraft Items:

Kerala’s local artisans produce exquisite handicraft items made from various materials. Entrepreneurs can either set up their businesses or collaborate with local artisans to sell these unique items online, promoting the state’s rich artistic heritage.

11) Transport Agency:

Given the constant influx of tourists, starting a transportation business proves to be a profitable venture. Entrepreneurs can provide cab services through platforms like Ola and Uber, initiate luxury bus rental services, or offer rental taxi and bike services to cater to diverse transportation needs.


Kerala’s dynamic business landscape, coupled with its cultural richness and natural beauty, offers a plethora of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. By delving into these 11 business ideas, individuals can tap into the potential of the state and contribute to its economic growth while building successful ventures of their own.

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