Car Wash Business – Start Go Waterless Car Wash Business – Comprehensive Guide 2024

Car Wash Business

Go Waterless Car Wash stands out as a trailblazer, transforming the conventional car wash landscape with its eco-friendly approach. Founded by the visionary Nithin Sharma in 2019, this enterprise has rapidly gained traction, redefining the paradigms of car maintenance and sustainability.

Origins and Inspiration: A Glimpse into the Past

The inception of Go Waterless Car Wash can be traced back to 2010 when Nithin Sharma first encountered the concept of a waterless car wash service during a visit to the US. This novel approach, which utilized chemicals for cleaning cars, piqued his interest and planted the seeds for a groundbreaking business idea. However, recognizing the environmental implications of chemical-based solutions, Nithin embarked on a quest to develop an eco-friendly alternative.

Car Wash Business

Innovative Solution: The Essence of Go Waterless

Today, Go Waterless Car Wash stands as a testament to Nithin Sharma’s ingenuity and commitment to sustainability. Instead of relying on chemicals, the company harnesses the power of nature, utilizing a liquid derived from 4-5 plant extracts. This innovative formulation not only ensures impeccable cleaning but also upholds the company’s ethos of environmental stewardship. The products used by Go Waterless are completely organic, devoid of harmful chemicals, and gentle on both vehicles and the planet.

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Efficiency and Affordability: A Win-Win Proposition

Beyond its eco-friendly approach, Go Waterless Car Wash offers unparalleled convenience and affordability. A mere 100-150 ml of the plant-based liquid is sufficient to clean both the interior and exterior of a car, making it a highly efficient solution. Customers can opt for a standalone exterior wash priced at Rs 199 or choose a comprehensive cleaning package for Rs 399, which encompasses both interior and exterior cleaning, ensuring value for money.

Car Wash Business

Franchising Opportunities: Empowering Entrepreneurs Nationwide

Recognizing the potential and scalability of the business model, Go Waterless Car Wash offers franchising opportunities, enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Initially priced at Rs 2 Lakhs, the franchise package now stands at Rs 2.5 Lakhs + GST. This comprehensive package equips franchisees with the necessary training, marketing support, and operational guidance, fostering a conducive environment for success. Today, Go Waterless boasts a robust network of 90 franchises across the country, reflecting its widespread popularity and viability.

Impressive Reach and Impact: Redefining Car Wash Dynamics

The impact of Go Waterless Car Wash extends beyond business metrics, encapsulating its broader contribution to environmental sustainability. Across its franchises, approximately 1,800 cars undergo cleaning daily, underscoring the widespread adoption of this eco-friendly solution. Furthermore, the company’s doorstep service model eliminates the need for dedicated space, further reducing its environmental footprint.

Car Wash Business


In conclusion, Go Waterless Car Wash emerges as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the car wash industry. Under the visionary leadership of Nithin Sharma, the company has pioneered an eco-friendly alternative, transforming car cleaning into a sustainable and efficient process. As Go Waterless continues to expand its footprint and influence, it reaffirms its commitment to environmental stewardship, offering a compelling testament to the power of innovation and entrepreneurship in driving positive change.

Car Wash Business

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