Cashback on utility bill payments, fuel surcharge waiver with this credit card

The sbi card has released its cashback-focused credit card in india so one can enable the customers to earn 5  percent cashback on all online spends without merchant restrictions.

The cashback sbi card available on visa platform targets clients throughout all classes and gives a easy, seamless and digital joining experience, the enterprise said in a assertion. The launch of this cashback card will ensure advantages for the clients beforehand of this festive seasons.

“CASHBACK SBI Card will further strengthen our core card portfolio. This product is a fine example of our continuous efforts towards addressing customers’ evolving needs”, Rama Mohan Rao Amara, managing director and chief executive officer, SBI Card, said in a statement.

Here are key things to understand about this cashback sbi card:

1. The customers from tier 2 and 3 cities can get this card at houses in only a few clicks through the digital application platform ‘sbi card sprint’.

2. The cashback sbi card is free for the first year till march 2023 as a special offer, the organisation stated. A purchaser will earn an infinite 1 percent cashback on all spends, with a view to increase to five percent on all on line spends for up to maximum ₹10,000 per month statement cycle.

3. This card has an car-credit of cashback facility to be able to permit the automatic credit of cashback to the sbi card account within days of announcement generation.

4. The Cashback SBI card holders can avail four complimentary domestic airport lounge visits per year (one visit per quarter).

5. This cashback-focused credit card also gives 1 percent gasoline surcharge waiver that’s valid for transaction amount starting from ₹500- ₹3,000 with a maximum surcharge waiver limit of ₹100 per billing statement month for each credit card account.

6. The once a year renewable rate of the card has been set at ₹999 plus the taxes. Sbi card says the users can get renewable charge reversal on attaining the milestone of ₹2 lakh annual spends throughout the cardboard membership year.

7. The other blessings consist of limitless 1percent cashback on all spends and utility invoice payments.

8. This cashback isn’t relevant on lease payments, fuel spends,wallet loads, merchant emis, cash advances, balance  transfer, encash & flexipay.

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