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Coinsbit India is a joint venture between Cryptic Coinsbit India and Prof-it Limited, intending to bring the best cryptocurrency exchange platform to India. With its headquarters in Estonia, the popular cryptocurrency exchange platform has a reported user base of 5 million users and a monthly transaction volume of around $50 billion-plus USD. It was named the best 2018 crypto exchange at Asian Blockchain Life, 2019. Their strengths include well-timed order execution, local market insight, and multi-tier crypto asset security management bringing a full suite of services that a blockchain and a global exchange provide to the users.

The year started with a bang for Coinsbit Global, as we launched Coinsbit India. We hit multiple milestones which came together to mark the launch in April, with the biggest airdrop in the history of cryptocurrency in India. During the first quarter, we worked on multiple iterations of the user interface, in order to come up with the most ambient user experience. We continued to execute our strategy of focusing on core technology development, technical integrations, automating KYC, aiming at the completion of the exchange system, and much more. At Coinsbit India, we believe that there can be a new financial economy based on Decentralization and Trust — the two core thought pillars of blockchain; and want to bring this revolution to India through our innovative financial platforms and products. In this quarterly report for Q1, we are happy to share what we have been up to, what is coming up, and what we learned on our thrilling journey, so far.


Between April and July, 50 new team members joined Coinsbit India, making our total count to 70 team members and expanding to 7 divisions.

Major Highlights


The technical team made noteworthy progress in the quarter, meeting several significant development goals.

  • The simplified exchange interface was completed and launched.
  • We were also able to complete the fund’s management interface for users for viewing assets, transactions and staking dividends.

A number of other features were developed in the very first quarter. The advanced exchange interface will offer professional traders all the tools they are accustomed to. Verified users will be able to trade bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies along with INR pairing. Multiple tokens were tested and listed on the Coinsbit India exchange. The platform will be launching with multiple popular BTC, ETH, and stable coin pairings. The team was also able to execute the 5-level referral rewards program along with staking opportunities. In order to sustain CIN token value, a vesting schedule is implemented and there will be a gradual monthly release in the CIN tokens earned from airdrop and referrals. Coinsbit India continues to make great progress on legal fronts and our compliance efforts are yielding positive results.

Our global tech team is responsible for connecting Coinsbit India to the assets we let you trade. This involves incorporating blockchain components into the system with maximum security, availability, and efficiency. It also involves working with our fiat integration partners to define the processes and protocols that will allow our users to on — and offboard fiat currency. The integrations team met several major development goals this quarter. Exchange contracts for major cryptocurrencies were finalized, along with the API for fiat integration nearly completed and the Coinsbit India token staking contract fully completed.


Marketing and Communication

Our core marketing team, lead by Akshit Khanna, has been working on a variety of initiatives both to formalize our partnerships, key brand ambassadors and to access non-tech-savvy people. We have partnered with experts in different markets who are helping us develop a more global strategy. Besides engaging with traditional print and broadcast media, we are currently working on educating the upcoming crypto community in the country. We are currently working on consolidating the concept of Coinsbit Academy to engage with our users.

Besides the marketing initiatives, our marketing and communications team has expanded to incorporate more bandwidth to work on brand communication. The new guidelines will ensure the right impact and meet the highest standards of clarity and expression. We now have a total of 11 members in our core marketing team.

Like everyone else, we also launched our handles successfully on all popular social media platforms with 175,307 users. Here are the links:






To ensure seamless support, we had to go into massive & quick hiring in the first quarter itself.

What’s coming up next?


CIN can be used as a trading fee with a 25% discount

INR pairs

On/off INR ramp


CIN token listing on the exchange

CIN Smart Chain

NFT Marketplace


Coinsbit India also announced the opening of its physical office in Hyderabad, India. Do drop in, to know more!

Please note: we are using Quarters as per the Indian financial calendar where Q1 is April, May, June while Q2 is July, August, September, and Q3 is October, November, December.

Disclaimer: Crypto-asset or cryptocurrency investments are subject to market risks such as volatility and have no guaranteed returns. Please do your own research before investing and seek independent legal/financial advice if you are unsure about the merits of any investment, or the validity of the transaction.

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