Debit cards, credit cards tokenization: RBI lists steps to tokenise your card


debit card, credit card tokenization rules: over a month after extending the deadline to tokenize debit cards and credit cards, the reserve bank of India has been notifying customers approximately completing the process as quickly as feasible. The imperative bank has been reiterating the use and perks of tokenizing one’s debit and credit cards and has been strolling an online campaign. The new date for debit card and credit card tokenization is September 30.

In a current tweet, the rbi additionally defined in six steps on a way to tokenize credit cards and debit cards.


how  to tokenize debit card, credit card?

“want to generate a token for your debit/ credit card? Comply with those 6 simple steps to tokenization. It’s simple, it’s secure, it’s convenient,” the rbi stated in a tweet dated July 28, Thursday.

here are the steps:

I. Visit any e-commerce or service provider internet site or application to make a buy and begin payment transaction

Ii. During checkout, enter details of your debit or credit card. As an alternative, enter your selected bank’s debit card or credit  card stored earlier as charge technique and input different information.

Iii. Click on on the option that announces “secure your card” or “save card as per rbi guidelines”

Iv. Input the otp sent by using your bank to your mobile cellphone or electronic mail and complete the transaction

V. Your token could be generated and saved now instead your actual card info

Vi. When you visit the same website or mobile app again, the last four digit of your saved card will be displayed to help you identify it during other payments as it has been tokenised.

What’s debit card, credit score card tokenisation?

With the aid of this time, you’ll have acquired notifications from online merchants and banks to ‘tokenize’ your cards to easily perform bills. Consistent with the rbi website, “tokenisation refers to replacement of real card information with an exchange code referred to as the “token”, which will be unique for a mixture of card, token requestor (i.E. The entity which accepts request from the consumer for tokenisation of a card and passes it on to the card community to trouble a corresponding token) and tool (referred hereafter as “identified device”).”

The tokenisation device is absolutely free of rate and isn’t always obligatory as well. But, it does offer smoother payment revel in at the same time as also securing your records. Tokenisation is best applicable to domestic online transactions.

The registration for a tokenisation request is performed simplest with specific client consent via Additional Factor of Authentication (AFA), , and now not by way of a pressured / default / computerized choice of test field, radio button, and many others, as in step with the rbi. The client will also be given desire of choosing the use case and putting-up of limits.

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