Debit Cards with Airport Lounge Access Facility


Airport lounges have become a coveted space for traveler’s seeking comfort, relaxation, and convenience during their air travel journeys. These exclusive retreats offer a range of amenities, including complimentary food, beverages, Wi-Fi, and a tranquil environment away from the bustling terminals. While credit cards are often associated with lounge access, several debit cards have emerged as viable options for travelers to enjoy these premium facilities. This essay explores a selection of debit cards that provide lounge access, highlighting their unique features, benefits, and contribution to enhancing the overall travel experience.

1. Intermiles HDFC Signature Debit Card:

The Intermiles HDFC Signature Debit Card is designed to elevate the travel experience of its cardholders. With this card, users can enjoy four domestic lounge accesses per year, distributed evenly across the calendar year. Moreover, the card offers cashback benefits of up to Rs 4,800 annually. While an annual fee of Rs 500 is applicable, the card’s lounge access and cashback features make it an appealing option for frequent traveler’s.

2. HDFC Millennium Debit Card:

Catering to the needs of frequent flyers, the HDFC Millennium Debit Card offers two lounge accesses per quarter. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to earn InterMiles, with four InterMiles awarded for every Rs 150 spent on international flight tickets and hotels. Similarly, domestic travel and hotel expenses of Rs 150 earn two InterMiles. The annual fee for this card is Rs 500, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking lounge access privileges.

3. HDFC EasyShop Platinum Debit Card:

The HDFC EasyShop Platinum Debit Card combines convenience with luxury by granting users access to all airport lounges within the country. Cardholders can enjoy complimentary access twice per quarter throughout the calendar year. Beyond lounge benefits, this card offers a high daily spending limit of up to Rs 5 lakh for purchases and Rs 1 lakh for ATM withdrawals. With an annual fee of Rs 750, this card is ideal for individuals seeking a comprehensive range of benefits.

4. Axis Priority Debit Card:

The Axis Priority Debit Card presents an excellent option for traveler’s desiring lounge access along with additional perks. Cardholders can avail themselves of the lounge facility at selected airports, enhancing their pre-flight experience. Moreover, the card provides a 25% discount on BookMyShow bookings and a 20% discount on dining at partner restaurants. With an annual fee of Rs 750, the Axis Priority Debit Card offers a blend of convenience, entertainment, and savings.

5. ICICI Coral Plus Debit Card:

The ICICI Coral Plus Debit Card rewards its users with lounge access if they have spent a minimum of Rs 3,000 in the previous quarter. This feature allows cardholders to enjoy two airport lounge accesses in the subsequent quarter. With an annual fee of Rs 2,988, this card caters to frequent traveler’s who value lounge benefits and are willing to meet the spending criteria.

6. SBI Platinum International Debit Card:

For traveler’s looking for a cost-effective option, the SBI Platinum International Debit Card provides lounge access along with several other features. With an annual fee of Rs 250, this SBI debit card grants access to airport lounges. To confirm lounge access eligibility, cardholders can simply present the card to lounge staff or refer to the bank’s website for detailed information.

7. Bank of India Rupee Platinum Debit Card:

The Bank of India Rupee Platinum Debit Card offers two lounge accesses per quarter at selected domestic airports. With a daily ATM withdrawal limit of Rs 50,000 and an annual fee of Rs 200, this card appeals to budget-conscious traveler’s seeking access to airport lounges without compromising on financial flexibility.

8. Central Bank of India Rupee Platinum Debit Card:

The Central Bank of India Rupee Platinum Debit Card is another cost-effective option for accessing airport lounges. With an annual fee of Rs 300, cardholders can enjoy lounge benefits while benefiting from a high daily transaction limit of Rs 2 lakh. This card strikes a balance between affordability and a range of privileges.


Debit cards with lounge access facilities have emerged as an attractive solution for traveler’s seeking comfort and convenience during air travel. The selection of cards discussed in this essay demonstrates the diversity of options available to meet various budgets and requirements. From the Intermiles HDFC Signature Debit Card to the Central Bank of India Rupee Platinum Debit Card, each card offers unique features, including complimentary lounge access, cashback rewards, high spending limits, and discounts on entertainment and dining. These debit cards not only enhance the travel experience but also provide added financial value, making them indispensable companions for frequent flyers.

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