Earn Monthly Salary – Get 15,000 Rs Above From These Online Job – Part 2

1) Teachoo

Teachoo is an online learning platform that specializes in academic subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Economics, and more. It provides an opportunity for individuals to become tutors and create engaging video lessons and study materials. By applying to Teachoo, you can share your knowledge and expertise with students worldwide, helping them grasp complex concepts in a simplified manner. As a tutor, you have the freedom to choose the subjects you are proficient in and create content that aligns with your teaching style.

Teachoo’s platform is designed to make learning interactive and accessible, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Whether you are an experienced educator or passionate about a particular subject, Teachoo offers a platform to contribute to the academic growth of students globally.

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2) WizIQ

WizIQ is a comprehensive online tutoring platform that provides a range of educational services including live classes, virtual classrooms, and self-paced courses. Whether you are an expert in a particular subject or wish to share your knowledge by creating courses, WizIQ offers opportunities to both create and sell your educational content. By applying to become a tutor on WizIQ, you can share your expertise with students from around the world, teaching in your area of specialization. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and advanced features to deliver interactive and engaging lessons.

Students can benefit from the flexibility of self-paced courses or join live classes for real-time interaction with tutors. WizIQ serves as a dynamic hub where tutors can connect with eager learners, fostering an environment of continuous learning and personal growth.

3) TutorCity

TutorCity is a platform dedicated to bridging the gap between tutors and students in different cities across India. By creating a tutor profile on TutorCity, you can showcase your expertise and offer tutoring services in a wide range of subjects, including academic studies, foreign languages, music, and more. Whether you are an experienced educator or possess specialized knowledge in a particular field, TutorCity provides a platform to connect with students seeking educational support. Through TutorCity, students can easily find qualified tutors in their local area, ensuring personalized learning experiences. The platform simplifies the process of matching tutors and students, facilitating effective communication and scheduling. TutorCity acts as a valuable resource for both tutors and students, fostering educational growth and creating opportunities for knowledge exchange throughout various cities in India.

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