Financial Changes – 6 Financial Things That Will Change From February

Financial Changes 2024 February

As February approaches, a slew of financial changes is set to shape the economic landscape. While the interim budget preceding the general election may not herald major policy shifts, six notable transformations in the financial sphere are poised to take effect. From alterations in the National Pension Scheme (NPS) to modifications in the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) and special offers from prominent banks, this essay delves into the intricacies of these financial changes.

1. NPS: Partial Withdrawal Reforms

Understanding the Adjustments

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has issued a crucial order on January 12, signaling a shift in the rules governing partial withdrawals from the National Pension Scheme (NPS). Effective from February 1, account holders can now withdraw up to 25 percent of the accumulated amount in their pension accounts, excluding the employer’s contribution. This flexibility extends to various life events, including children’s higher education, marriage expenses, house purchase, medical treatment for critical illnesses, skill development, and initiating a new enterprise.

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2. IMPS Act: Raising the Bar for Digital Payments

Unveiling the Enhanced Threshold

The Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), a real-time digital payment system, is set to undergo a significant change starting February 1. The threshold for instant money transfers using bank account details and mobile numbers will be elevated to five lakh rupees. Banks have been directed to implement the necessary changes by January 31, marking a notable expansion in the scope and efficiency of digital transactions.

3. SBI Home Loan Offer: Closing the Chapter

Analyzing the Impact of Expiring Offers

Benefit India’s largest commercial banking institution, the State Bank of India (SBI), concludes its special offer for home loans on January 31. This limited-time offer allows for home loans at a reduced rate of 0.65 percent compared to the prevailing interest rate. With various categories benefiting from this offer, including Flexipay, NRI, Non-Salary, Privilege, and Apun Ghar, the expiration of this deal prompts reflection on its implications for prospective homebuyers.

4. Punjab Sindh Bank FD: The Conclusion of a Lucrative Scheme

Assessing the Dhan Lakshmi 444 Days Special Fixed Deposit Scheme

One of the leading public sector banking institutions, Punjab Sindh Bank, sees the conclusion of its special fixed deposit investment scheme, ‘Dhan Lakshmi 444 Days,’ on January 31. Offering an enticing interest rate of 8.05 percent, this fixed deposit option, spanning 444 days, leaves investors contemplating the next steps in their financial portfolio.

5. FASTag e-KYC: Streamlining Toll Collection

Deciphering the National Highway Authority’s Directive

Starting February 1, the National Highway Authority’s directive of ‘One FASTag per vehicle’ comes into effect. This mandates that only one active FASTag sticker is allowed per vehicle. Furthermore, the central government clarifies that FASTags lacking KYC verification, even with a balance, will become inactive post-January 31. The move aims to prevent double toll collection and confusion, urging those with multiple FASTags to promptly deactivate redundant ones.

6. Sovereign Gold Bond: The Final Issue in Focus

Exploring the Culmination of Sovereign Gold Bond Issuance

The month of February marks the culmination of the Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) issuances for the current financial year. Facilitated by the Reserve Bank, applications for SGB can be submitted between February 12 and 16, 2024. Investors have the opportunity to acquire SGB in units of one gram of 24-carat gold, contemplating the potential benefits and risks associated with this investment avenue.


In conclusion, the impending financial changes in February 2024 offer a mix of opportunities and challenges for investors and consumers alike. From the flexibility introduced in NPS withdrawals to the enhanced capabilities of digital transactions through IMPS, individuals must navigate these financial changes with informed decision-making. The closure of special offers from prominent banks and the conclusion of unique schemes like the Dhan Lakshmi 444 Days FD prompt a reevaluation of investment strategies. As the financial landscape evolves, understanding and adapting to these changes becomes paramount for ensuring financial well-being in the dynamic economic environment.

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