Free to Join Now Google Certified Digital Marketing Course

Digital Unlocked – an initiative by Google in association with FICCI and Indian School of Business, to help Indian businesses unlock exponential growth with digital. The objective of the program is to build capacity and equip the Startups, SMEs and Innovators with the necessary skills for utilising the power of Internet, creating their online presence, launching and executing cost-effective targeted digital marketing campaigns, reaching out to a wider audience, increasing the sales volumes, keeping a consistent connect with the potential customers, staying competitive in the market place, etc.

As your business charts its journey, technology can play a pivotal role in delivering a larger customer base, greater reach and accelerated growth. That’s why, Google is excited to partner with you as we explore how digital can be a growth engine for your business. The Digital Unlocked workshop is an integrated training program aimed at teaching you digital skills that you can leverage to grow your business. The workshop will begin with an introduction to digital marketing and different digital media, and how they fit into your marketing strategy. This will be followed by presentations about different components such as social media marketing, mobile marketing and e-commerce. The session will end with a presentation on management techniques, using web analytics and other skills and tools.


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