Here Are the Best Online Jobs to Make Rs 600 Daily

Earning Rs. 600 daily through online jobs without any points or upfront investment is a challenging goal to achieve consistently. While there are opportunities to make money online, the income you can generate depends on various factors such as your skills, experience, available time, and the specific job or platform you choose.

1) TGMPanel

TGMPanel is a legit paid survey platform that rewards you for sharing your opinion about various topics and reviewing brands and products/services. What’s good, TGMPanel is available in more than 80 countries, and there’s never a shortage of surveys. Finding surveys that you qualify for is simple – you create your profile entering your demographics and personal preferences at the sign-up, and you’ll receive relevant surveys in your inbox.
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$10 USD minimum account balance required. Rewards processing completed within 72 hours of request.TGM Panel is an online research panel where panelists can transform their opinions into money. TGM Research specializes in mobile market research and online panels and can access billions of users worldwide through their network of mobile apps, ad networks and websites.

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2) Scribie

Transcribing audio is a valuable service that converts spoken content into written form, providing accurate and accessible records. Scribie is a renowned platform that offers transcription services, connecting clients with skilled transcriptionists. This essay aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Scribie’s transcribing audio job, exploring its nature, requirements, benefits, and the process of working as a transcriptionist with Scribie.

Transcribing audio involves listening to recorded audio files and accurately transcribing the spoken content into written form. This section will provide an in-depth understanding of the transcribing process, including the importance of accuracy, attention to detail, and language proficiency. It will also discuss the different types of audio content that transcriptionists may encounter, such as interviews, meetings, podcasts, webinars, and dictations.

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3) Gromo

Gromo is the great money earning app that will help you in beginning a enterprise with none investment. End up a Gromo associate by using downloading the Gromo app from play save and sell financial products from distinct manufacturers to customer and earn over ₹1,00,000 every month.

With the Gromo financial app, you get home primarily based work and instant income. You may attain out to clients and share any product link with them and get them to set off a product. Simply in case you’re thinking what takes place to your customer in the longer run – they stay yours and simplest you earn from them.

Since multiple options are available today to help you generate real money online, the internet is also filled with bogus and fraudulent methods of making money online. You could, however, discover herbal approaches to generate money online, provided you are cautious and take the important safeguards. Furthermore, Gromo is one of the leading fintech mobile application platform that permit you to earn money in simple steps. It permits you to become a financial advisor and sell financial products online in two simple steps to earn a commission. You could down load the Gromo cash-making cell utility from the google play keep and check in to earn money. Lots of people down load the gromo application every day to make cash online. To learn how to generate cash on line, you’ll need a mobile device and an internet connection to download the Gromo software and earn cash in simple steps.

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4) PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a marketplace for hiring top-quality freelance professionals. It allows free access to detailed freelancer profiles, has good project posting tools, offers video conferencing between buyers and freelancers, matches talent to projects, and facilitates payments.

Filtering a freelancer search by the location “United States” yields more than 10,000 results. The site features freelancers from diverse disciplines, including design, development, and copywriting.


  • PeoplePerHour receives over 20% of its traffic from the U.K. and U.S., which is ideal for finding English speakers.
  • Employers have free access to freelancer profiles.
  • Freelancer profiles include portfolios, pricing, offers, skills breakdowns, reviews, and endorsements.
  • The platform provides relevant matches for projects.
  • Freelancers are vetted before being accepted onto the platform.
  • It offers invoice management features.
  • Projects can be posted for free.
  • Funds are kept in an escrow account until both parties are satisfied with the work.
  • It is an easy-to-use project posting tool.
  • The platform has a video chat tool.


  • Their service fee of 10% is more costly than Freelancer’s 3% fixed price payment fee.
  • There is no telephone or instant chat support — only email.
  • Some portfolios are in PDF format and download immediately without prompting.
  • Some employers have warned against unprofessional conduct on behalf of freelancers and minimal support to resolve conflicts.

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