How algorithmic trading works: Beginner’s guide


With the improvements in era and financial market trading application, algorithmic trading or algo trading has obtained reputation across the globe. Simply within a decade, algo trading is one of the most popular and common methods of trading in the advanced economies of the arena. Now, algo buying and selling has commenced to locate its preserve in growing economies like India too. Consequently, it will become vital to examine details about it.

What’s algorithmic trading?

Algorithmic trading is a way of executing orders in the stock market the usage of pre-described trading instructions. In this type of trading, computer programs are developed using a defined set of instructions for placing trade orders and generating profits at a higher speed. Algo trading carries out the transaction at such a frequency that is almost impossible for a human trader.


You can even create your set of rules and set up it for generating purchase or sell signals. Retail traders or novices can generate the buy or promote signals based totally on their own programs and earn steady returns from the stock market.

Advantages of algorithm trading?

Some of the blessings of algorithm trading are as follows;

· trades are executed at lightning-fast velocity at pre-described levels.

· trades are accomplished at the best prices.

· trade timing is accurate that avoids significant price changes.

· since the trades are computerized, there are not any chances of manual errors whilst putting orders.

· to test if any algo software is successful or now not, backtesting may be carried out primarily based on historical and real-time facts.

· no chances of errors executed by way of people because of emotional or psychological factors.

· transaction fee is low.

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