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What is GlowRoad

GlowRoad – one of the fastest growing social commerce startup in India. GlowRoad lets users resell products (from 100+ categories) directly from manufacturers and wholesalers with the power of social networks. We truly believe in the potential of Digital India, with our majority of users being homemakers from Tier II, III and IV cities.

What is Dropshipping 

Drop shipping is a form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders without keeping stock on hand.

These 6 Steps to Help Find Your Product For Dropshipping on GlowRoad

1 where to discover product thoughts

A ) Other online stores

You can find worthwhile merchandise by reading what other online stores are selling, specifically the large ones. The technique here is to browse other online stores’ nice-promoting products, trending items, and even the least selling objects to gauge what to consist of and exclude to your dropshipping products listing.

B ) Online community sites

online community web sites display applicable conduct, hobbies, and opinions that you may’t locate elsewhere. That is why you need to browse and discover popular online community websites which include Facebook pages to discover product thoughts.

C ) Social shopping websites

Social shopping websites paintings generally like a web shop however with customer guidelines in a social network surroundings. It centers around groups of social network users who share similar interests and rely upon other people’s reviews.

D ) Local groups

Don’t go some place else, look around your nearby neighborhood. There could be local stores ready to be an internet success. Start through finding what the locals are raving approximately. Visit community bazaars, food parks or thrift stores. There will be products which might be worth in your dropshipping business.

2 Decide the ideal product price range

Whilst arising with product ideas for dropshipping, figuring out your product charge variety is an vital element to do not forget. You need to find a stability between selling marketable product and being capable of generate a income. Normally, the decrease the charge, the better the conversion price. Better priced products like gadgets or digital gadgets, as an instance, would require greater buying consideration from shoppers and entail greater customer support.

3 Narrow down your product thoughts

Primarily based to your shortlisted product ideas, ideally 5 or extra, you can trim down your product thoughts via the usage of google trends or keyword tools.

4 Find your niche

Nonetheless using google developments, you may locate a specific product niche for your dropshipping website. Each of the hunt team could be provided with an in-depth analytics as a way to assist narrow down your product idea and locate your niche.

5 Compare the competition

To efficaciously pick the best product for dropshipping, you furthermore might need to recognize what the level of opposition seems like. Even though you’ll be considering for niche products, don’t assume which you’re the most effective one that can come up selling them.

6 Wherein to discover dropshipping providers

With a dropshipping version, you will need an agreement with products or distributors with the intention to drop deliver your products to your behalf. At this factor, you’ll need to find for professional dropshipping providers. You could find dropshipping suppliers through the following:

  • Contact the Manufacturer
  • Online wholesalers/distributors
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