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How to be a Filo Tutor Online: Start Teaching Online and earn Rs. 30,000+ Per Month Easily!

Here is how You can be a Filo Tutor online, the entire application process to join Filo as a Tutor and easily earn over Rs. 40,000 per month. If you enjoy teaching and impacting the lives of others, Filo has open opportunities for you! Our tutors make Filo achieve a platform enabling online learning on-demand and makes online education easily accessible and affordable! You as a tutor have complete control over when and how you work! All you need is access to the internet and a keen sense to guide and mentor students! This post acts as a guide for applying to Filo as a tutor. Please go through this carefully.

The process of being a tutor on Filo can be summarized as follows:

Filo Tutor Registration Steps: How to Signup as a Tutor on Filo

Step 1 – Download the Filo Tutor App from Google Playstore

Download the Filo Tutor App using this link: Download Filo Tutor Application

Step 2 – Complete the KYC verification process and answer a question based on the topic you selected. 

After downloading the Filo Tutor app, fill up the necessary fields as shown below and complete your KYC. Once your KYC is done, you will be shown a question to answer. You have to record a video of yourself answering that question.

Step 3 – Go ‘online’ and start teaching students.

After you complete the video verification, we will review your application within 24 hours and approve your account if you meet our quality standards!

Each of the above steps is explained in detail below:

We have made a video describing the entire process and it can be found here:

How to Register as a Tutor on Filo

Step 1 – Download the Filo Tutor App from Google PlayStore

> Download the Filo Tutor App 

> Complete the Signup Process

Upon opening the downloaded app, you will be greeted with the following onboarding screens. Click on the Next button to follow through …

> Now enter your mobile number and verify it with Filo.

> Enter your name, upload a clear profile picture of yours and click on “Continue”. Remember, the profile picture should clearly show your face.

Enter your email id and educational qualification next and click on “Continue”.

Step 2 – Complete the KYC verification process and answer a question based on the topic you selected. 

> You would now have to upload your PAN card details(for KYC). Click on the “Upload Pan details” option and submit your PAN Card. Your PAN is only used to verify your identity and process your payments. We do not store your PAN card details and once verification is complete, the record is deleted.

> Once you have uploaded your PAN card, the next option is to “Select your teaching topics”. Click on that and follow the instructions to select the “class” of students you want to teach. Follow that by selecting the “topics” you’re proficient in and would like to teach on Filo.

> Now you will be redirected to the earlier verification screen and complete the last step of video verification by clicking on the “Record Video Instructions”. Follow the instructions on the screen. The video verification is divided into 2 parts. In part 1, you need to introduce yourself by telling your name, educational background and why you want to teach on Filo. Please make sure that your face is visible and clear. In part 2, you will be given a question to solve based on the topics you chose in the earlier step.

That’s it! We manually check all applications and respond within 48 hours! You can start tutoring immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

> Common Questions of Tutors @ Filo … 

  • What is the Filo Tutor App?

Filo is a one-to-one tutoring app, and it’s very simple! When someone posts a question (image/text), you’ll be notified on the app. Before answering any questions, it can help to see what they’re asking about so that you know whether or not this will work for your schedule. If you choose to answer the question, you will be connected to the student via audio or a video call. Ideally, it should not take more than 7-8 minutes to solve the student’s question. But you are free to extend the call if you feel the student needs a better understanding of the concept. Once the call is done, it will be saved on your dashboard and we’ll give you a monthly payment based on how many questions were solved in that time frame!

Who can be a Tutor on Filo?

We are looking for creative educators who are willing to teach, learn and grow with us. All that from the comfort of your own home! Whether you’re a student looking for additional pocket money, or a tutor with a decade long experience, we welcome you to join our family at Filo tutors. Apply on the Filo tutor application now!

How much can I earn on Filo?

We provide the best in industry compensation to our tutors. Also, additional incentives for the good performing tutors are what keep our tutors striving higher. An average tutor teaching for 4 hours a day easily earns Rs. 10-15k a month. Additionally, you’re entitled to 90% of the tuition fees for the private tutoring you do on Filo apart from doubt solutions. The earning possibilities are endless and hence many tutors are going full-time with Filo leaving their earlier jobs behind.

What documents do I need to apply for being a Filo Tutor?

You would need your PAN card and Aadhar card along with a passport size photograph.

How do I select what subject topics to teach on Filo? 

You will be required to add the subject topics that you’re comfortable with and will be matched with students having queries in those areas.

Do I need to pass a test to get into Filo?

Yes, after you download the Filo tutor app and register, you will have to select your subject topics. You would now be screened on questions from that particular topic you selected and once completed will be submitted for evaluation. You will hear from us if your profile is validated.

What subjects can I teach at Filo? 

We currently have students studying all the way from class VI to class XII. We also help students prepare for IIT-JEE, NEET, BITS and other such engineering and medical career paths. Not only in terms of curriculum, but we also help students cope up with mental stress and other counselling services.

  • How long does it take to be a verified tutor on Filo?

On average, it takes less than 48 hours for you to start teaching on Filo. We take pride in our lightning-fast approval and verification process.

How to contact Filo? 

We have a dedicated team to support our family of tutors. You can reach out to us here at [email protected]

Is it free for applying to Filo as a tutor? 

Of course and it will always be that way!

How long would I have to work as a Filo tutor?

We have flexible hours of work and the more you work, the more value you provide to our students and hence more the compensation for it.

What does Filo check in the verification process?

We check for a few things in every application and so make sure you have these requirements sorted beforehand:
The account should be registered with a phone number. Registration with just email IDs is not allowed.
The name should be clearly mentioned with proper formatting.
The college name should be correct. No accounts will proceed with school names/coaching centre names.
Please upload valid ID documents. Any mismatch with regards to name or photograph will lead to the rejection of the application.
The profile picture should be professional. Avoid uploading pictures in which you are wearing sunglasses or a mask.
Make sure you have a PAN Card while applying.
The assessment will be made on the basis of language, communication skills, presentation, and experience.
The introduction video should clearly show the face of the applicant and should be recorded in a noise-free environment.
The solution video should be stable, clear, and have a proper explanation through audio and writing.

What incentives does Filo provide to tutors?

We incentivize exceptional tutors and reward them for the same. We reward tutors with a bonus cash deposit after completing 20 sessions in a day. We also provide bonuses on every additional 10 sessions taken by the tutor after 20. So you will receive a bonus on 20, 30 and 40 sessions. But, please note that we also monitor the quality of the sessions and only reward the bonuses if your tutor rating is maintained over 4 out of 5 as an average in those sessions. In short, you would not be rewarded with an incentive if your average rating is below 4 even if you complete 20 sessions. We do not encourage tutors to skim through students for achieving incentives. Please take your time and priority should be given to making the student understand the topic.

Why is my Filo tutor ID blocked?

We regularly monitor our tutors for quality and if a tutor’s rating drops below 3 out of 5, he/she will be blocked by the system automatically. We also block tutors who have dormant/inactive id’s and if we suspect that the tutor takes part in suspicious activities causing harm to the Filo ecosystem. Please contact the Filo team in case of ID blocks at [email protected].

We go to extreme lengths to keep each part of the Filo ecosystem happy and sound. Join us as a tutor and be a part of this revolution. See you on the inside 🙂



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Receive real-time classroom requests from students around the country in subjects you have expertise in. Earn appreciation from students and help build an easier world around you.

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