How to shop for stocks in a bear market ?

New delhi: while many investors are busy analyzing fee charts to decode nifty’s wild swings, calculating valuation ratios on lengthy excel NSE 0.63 % sheets, and the usage of algorithms to make buy and get in touch with decisions, dalal avenue’s pinnacle fund supervisor nilesh shah, who runs kotak mahindra NSE 1.70 % mutual fund, says making an investment is an artwork and no longer a technological know-how.

“it’s an art and not a science. I may believe that corporation x is available at a 30 in step with cent cut price to truthful price and a person else may additionally agree with that it’s far buying and selling at a 0 in step with cent top class to fair value. If both folks have the same opinion, then how will that trade show up? The stock marketplace is a place wherein the seller thinks that he’s making money through selling and the customer thinks that he’s making money with the aid of buying. Most effective then transactions will show up,” shah informed etmarkets in an interview.

Urging traders to consider this bear market as an opportunity to make extra money, the fund supervisor stated the maximum exciting issue in a undergo market is in an effort to select stocks at a whole lot under their fair cost. “if there has been no undergo marketplace, investor go back might had been far a ways decrease,” he feedback.

Even as headline index nifty has with a bit of luck resisted slipping beneath the 15,000 mark and is now eyeing to reclaim mt 16k, most indices are near their 52-week lows and several bluechips mendacity untouched in undergo grips. So how have to one pass approximately selecting shares at this level?

“regardless of the kind of market we are in, as long as you purchase shares which are representing precise companies wherein the return on capital is greater than price of capital, run by way of exact managers who won’t cheat you or take you for a ride, and are available at correct valuations and wherein there is a superb margin of protection, by means of and big, that turns into an amazing stock select.”

If nifty hits 16,000, it might be trading at a PE multiple of 19 times forward earnings post the providence tax on oil groups imposed final week. “it looks a little above truthful fee however nearer to truthful price in comparison to october 2021. That is the marketplace wherein you will be identical weight to equity allocations based totally in your chance profile, time horizon and goal,” stated shah, MD and CEO of Kotak AMC.

But, if nifty ends 2022 at 16,000 it can be handled as time correction as the index could have become less expensive because earnings would have gone up. “there may be fee correction as nicely. If 16,000 nifty becomes 15,000, then there is a rate correction. It can be both – time and rate correction. So inside the correction phase, preserve growing your allocation to fairness,” is his recommendation to traders.


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