Indusind EazyDiner Credit Card – Partnership with EasyDinner – Comprehensive Guide 2024

Indusind EazyDiner Credit Card

In the dynamic landscape of finance, credit cards have become indispensable tools that not only cater to financial needs but also offer a plethora of benefits and discounts. The contemporary credit card market is witnessing a surge in specialized offerings, with cards tailored for specific purposes like travel, food, and entertainment. The competition among various companies in this space has resulted in a boon for consumers, as each new credit card launch introduces more enticing offers and discounts.

Indusind EazyDinerCredit Card ( Platinum ):

Recently, IndusInd Bank, a prominent financial institution, joined forces with EasyDinner to unveil the Easy Dinner IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card. This co-branded credit card is strategically designed to elevate the dining experience for cardholders, presenting a range of exclusive benefits that go beyond the conventional offerings in the market.

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Indusind EazyDiner Credit Card

Guaranteed Discounts at Premium Restaurants:

One of the standout features of the Easy Dinner IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card is the assurance of substantial discounts at premium restaurants. Cardholders can enjoy guaranteed discounts of up to 50% when using the EasyDinner app via PayEasy for dine-in and carry-out services at select restaurants. Additionally, users receive a complimentary three-month EasyDinner Prime membership, unlocking discounts ranging from 25% to 50% at over 2,000 premium restaurants, all without incurring an annual fee. The card’s unique feature allows members to renew their Prime membership by spending Rs 30,000 every 90 days.

Indusind EazyDiner Credit Card

Reward Points and Additional Benefits:

For every Rs 100 spent using the Easy Dinner IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card, cardholders can accrue up to two reward points. These points can be instantly redeemed against dining bills within the EasyDinner app, adding an extra layer of value to every transaction. The credit card also provides an exclusive Rs 500 discount three times a month when using the PayEasy app.

Moreover, the card offers a fuel surcharge reversal of 1% on transaction values falling between Rs 400 and Rs 4,000. Cardholders can also earn 2,000 reward points upon spending Rs 30,000 every 90 days, excluding dining expenses, further enhancing the overall benefits package.

Indusind EazyDiner Credit Card


In the era where credit cards are not just financial tools but gateways to a world of exclusive privileges, the Easy Dinner IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card stands out as a testament to the evolving landscape of credit card offerings. With its focus on enhancing the dining experience and providing a host of rewards, discounts, and additional benefits, this co-branded credit card represents a symbiosis of culinary indulgence and financial prudence. Cardholders can now savor not only the flavors of premium dining but also the sweet taste of savings, making every transaction a delightful experience.

Indusind EazyDiner Credit Card

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