Invest 700 INR earn 3000 in 10 min – LIVE PROOF – Low-risk online trading – IQ Option review

Hello friends, for a long time I was sharing with you ideas on how to earn money online. Most of you know about binary trading, but today I’m gonna tell you about digital options that look the same but have low risk and you will have a higher chance to earn. Right now I will show you how to earn fast and legal on my favorite trading platform – IQ Option.

So why do I choose IQ? Because I am not an idiot. Now there is a LOT of apps who promised you fast earning but most of them scam and fake. IQ Option is the major online trading platform where you can operate on FOREX, cryptocurrency, binary and most important – digital options.

Why do I recommend you use digital options instead of binary? Easy!

Binary Options – High Risk & High Profit
Digital Options – Low risk & Medium Profit

So until you are not a pro – use digital to avoid big losses. Let me explain to you how to use digital options in a few words.

Professionals called this “conservative way of earning money on trading” The main idea is in binary options you get high profit but you can’t change your decision after you choose up or down. On digital options, you can sell before the end of the time frame. Sounds hard? No! Look

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