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The Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS) is a central authority of India sponsored small savings scheme that allows the investor (s) to set aside (save) a specific quantity each month. Finally, interest is delivered to this investment at the relevant price and paid out to the depositor(s) on a month-to-month basics.


Following people are eligible to avail the scheme-

  • A resident of India. NRIs are not eligible to put money into this scheme
  • Person above the age of 10 years

Who should invest?

  • Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is suitable for buyers who are looking for fixed monthly profits but are unwilling to take any risks of their investments. Thereby, it’s far more favorable for retired people or senior residents who have landed into the no-more-paycheck zone
  • It is suitable for the traders searching a one-time funding to serve the purpose of having regular income to hold the life-style
  • Investors willing to make long-term investments

Maximum funding quantity in POMIS

Although there’s no restriction at the number of money owed held through individuals, there are limits on the most quantity that can be cumulatively invested throughout all POMIS debts.

  • In case of sole operated account, most funding allowed in POMIS is rs.4.5 lakhs
  • In case of joint holders (up to 3 joint holders), maximum of rs.9 lakhs can be invested in POMIS

Current interest fees on POMIS

The charge of interest is constant and resettled via the vital government and finance ministry every region relying on the returns yielded via govt. Bonds of the same tenure. The interest rate of POMIS throughout July to September 2022 is 6.60%.

Key capabilities of POMIS

Following are the key functions of post office MIS plan:

1. Maturity period – powerful 1st December 2011, the adulthood duration of the scheme is 5 years (60 months) from the account commencing date

2. Number of account holdersPOMIS bills can be held for my part or at the same time (maximum 3 person holders)

3. Minimum and maximum quantity of deposit – the minimum restrict for the amount of deposit in post office MIS plan is rs. 1,000 (and thereafter in multiples of 1,000)

4. Nomination facility – Nominee facility available and may be updated later after establishing an account by means of a beneficiary (i.e. a family member). But, the beneficiary can simplest claim the benefits after the dying of the account holder.

5. Transfer facilityPOMIS accounts can be freely transferred from one post office to another.

6. POMIS bonus – no bonus to be had on bills opened on or after 1st December 2011. Bills opened earlier have been eligible for a 5% bonus on deposit quantity.

7. Taxability – this scheme doesn’t come below the section 80c of the income tax and it’s miles problem to taxation. Moreover, it has no TDS both.

Other advantages of POMIS

  • On the use of cheque for account commencing, date of cheque attention can be account commencing date
  • In case of joint account, every account holder will keep equal share
  • No restriction on the wide variety of POMIS accounts held singly/collectively. Issue to max. Cumulative balance standards
  • A minor aged 10 years or above can avail the publish workplace month-to-month profits scheme account. On turning 18 years, he or she can be asked to transform his/her minor account to an grownup account
  • The post office credits proceeds directly to the investor’s post office financial savings account on a month-to-month foundation via ECS/CBS
  • post office month-to-month earnings scheme bills can keep to earn hobby for up to 2 years after account maturity if proceeds aren’t withdrawn through the investor. The applicable price may be the same as that of a standard post office financial savings account

Documentation required

  • Identity proof: Copy of government issued identification including passport / voter identification card / using license/Aadhaar, and so on.
  • Address proof: Govt issued id or latest utility payments.
  • Images: passport size pics

The way to open a POMIS account?

To open an account underneath POMIS, follow the steps given below-

  • First, you should have a post office savings account. Open the identical account if you do not have one.
  • Get an utility shape from your publish office or click here to download POMIS account application shape.
  • Fill and put up the shape in conjunction with the self-attested copies of all the required files on the publish office. Observe: you must deliver the original documents for verification
  • Mention the Name, DoB and Phone no. Of the nominees (if any)
  • Continue to make preliminary deposits (minimal rs.1000/-) through cash or cheque

How does it work- POMIS calculation

  • After starting the account, the traders need to make the appropriate investments. For single account, rs. 1,000 is the minimal quantity of investment and Rs. 4,50,000 is maximum amount of funding
  • For a joint account, rs.1,000 is the minimal quantity of funding and rs.9,00,000 is the maximum quantity of funding

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