LazyPay – How to Apply Buy Now Pay Later LazyPay Credit Card with Simple Steps – LazyPay Credit Card

Looking to pay later on your favourite merchants? Or understand more about your credit score? Look no further than LazyPay. LazyPay lets you buy now and pay later across merchants. You can pay the total every 15 days, without any interest. There are exciting merchant offers and cashbacks too. You can even use your LazyPay credit limit at any store that accepts UPI. And if the transaction is over INR 3000, you can convert it into EMIs.


India’s most rewarding credit card alternative is here! LazyCard is a lifetime free card that rewards you every time you use it. No hidden charges or annual or joining fees. Swipe it online or offline, and get up to 5% cashback on every transaction. Get welcome reward of flat Rs. 500 cashback! So take advantage of our quick application processing and get your LazyCard today!

Pay Later

Want to buy things and pay it later quickly? Just Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL). Use our flexible no-cost payment options on your favourite merchants across 40k+ websites and mobile applications. With LazyPay’s BNPL services, you get a 30 day repayment period for your monthly transactions. So sign up today to get the credit that’s easy, instant and stress-free.

Credit through UPI

With LazyPay – you can scan UPI QR codes to pay using LazyPay Credit online & at shops everywhere. This is done via UPI payments using a special LazyPay UPI Credit handle that’s assigned to you. And if the purchase is over Rs. 3000, you can convert it into easy EMIs.

Merchant Offers

Craving a meal? Or a weekend getaway? You can use our services and look for Swiggy Coupons, Zomato Coupons, TataSky Coupons, MedLife Coupons and AbhiBus Coupons. Use LazyPay and get multiple offers, cash discounts as well as cashbacks while paying on your favourite applications.

Free Credit Score

Are you aware of what your credit score is? A healthy credit score ensures that you are eligible to get loans and saves you financial stress. You can use the free credit score check feature which would normally cost INR 1200 on the LazyPay app and find out your CIBIL credit score. This helps you instantly find out if you are eligible for a loan. It also helps keep a track of changes in your CIBIL score and improve your rating.

Instant Personal loan

Whatever your dreams and aspirations, LazyPay comes to your rescue with instant personal loans. This online loan can reach you within minutes. Our instant personal loans are cash loans where the lump sum amount is transferred to your bank account. The entire process is paperless making sure there is no contact with anyone during these trying times.

LazyPay is India’s leading online Instant Credit app offering its users a credit limit between Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh with instant approval and zero collateral. Personal loan interest rates range from 15% to 32% p.a. with EMI tenures of 3 to 24 months. You can use it to travel, buy electronics, cover medical expenses, home renovations & more!

*Sample EMI Calculation*
Loan amount = Rs 10,000 Tenure = 6 months, @ interest rate of 18%* p.a.
EMI = Rs 1,755/- p.m.
Processing fee = Rs. 200
Total Payment = Rs. 10,730
* Interest rate varies

Join over 2 million fellow Indians using the LazyPay application daily to get instant personal loans, check their credit scores, and make payments easily.
Have questions? Reach out to us at or raise your query here:

It is important to note, we believe in total transparency and data safety and security. All your information stored with us will never be shared with anyone for any reason.

Xpress Cash from 3,000 to 1 lakh with an Annual Repayment Period – 3 to 18 months. Percentage rate (APR) between 16-32% on a reducing balance basis
Revolve rates – 36% to 42% Revolve there is no period for repayment. It’s a monthly rolling feature
Convert to EMI – 3 month 24% | 6 month 26% Tenure basis- 3 to 6 months.

LazyPay Instant Personal Loan

LazyPay is a part of PayU – a renowned provider of financial services in international growth markets. The company uses innovative technology to provide easy financing options to customers. It provides a buy now pay later option to the user and they can use it while purchasing in online shopping.

Lender Loan amount Interest Rate Processing Fee Max Tenure
LazyPay Up to Rs.1 lakh 18% to 25% At the discretion of the lender 3 months to 24 months

How Does it Work?

LazyPay offers personal loans to those seeking quick and instant credit. In order to avail a personal loan from LazyPay, all you have to do is download the app and complete the KYC formalities. Interest will only be charged on the amount you borrow, making it a convenient option to meet your immediate financial expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be aged between 22 years and 55 years.
  • Must be a resident of India who has stayed in tier I and tier II cities.
  • You should be a salaried individual.

Documents Required

The documents required to avail a LazyPay personal loan are:

  • Proof of photo ID such as passport, Aadhaar, etc.
  • Proof of address such as Aadhaar, utility bills, etc.
  • Details of your bank account.
  • A selfie of yours.

Features and Benefits

  • LazyPay is the easiest and quickest way to make payments.
  • Launched by PayU India, LazyPay is a reputed and trustworthy payments company.
  • Loan amounts vary from Rs.10,000 to Rs.1 lakh.
  • Interest rates are reasonable based on the repayment tenure and the amount you choose.
  • Flexible repayment tenures ranging from 3 months to 24 months.
  • Your borrowing and repayment records will be considered in the calculation of your credit score.
  • You can apply for a loan online with minimal documents to be submitted.
  • One time approval required for use of loan amount for a lifetime.
  • No collateral required.
  • No need to visit any bank.
  • You will be required to pay your interest only on the amount used by you.

FAQs on Lazypay Loan

    1. Can I extend my repayment date in lazypay?

You cannot extend your repayment date under normal circumstances, but if you have any technical problems in repaying your loan, you can reach out to the company’s customer care centre.

    1. What are bank bounce charges in lazypay?

Since your bank account will be linked to your LazyPay account, you will have to ensure that adequate funds are maintained so as to repay the loan. In case your account does not have adequate funds and auto debit cannot be done successfully, LazyPay pays a fine to your bank for the failed attempt. The amount is added to your statement and bounce charges are levied at Rs.300 per billing cycle.

    1. What documents can I submit as address proof for lazypay loan?

The documents that can be submitted as address proof apart from your Aadhaar card include passport, voter ID, bank passbook, driving license, gas bill, electricity bill, bank statement, landline bill, or mobile bill.

    1. Can the interest rate be negotiated?

Interest rates are charged based on a few factors such as the amount your wish to borrow, the tenure of the loan, and your credit score. If you have a high credit score, you could ask the company to lower your interest rate.

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