Let’s Earn by Testing – Part 4 – Make Money Online

In the digital era, where apps and websites play a central role in our daily lives, providing a seamless user experience is vital for their success. To achieve this, app and website developers rely on user testing to gather valuable feedback and insights from real users. User testing involves individuals testing digital products and providing feedback on usability, design, and overall user experience. Recognizing the importance of user feedback, several platforms have emerged, offering individuals the opportunity to earn money by participating in app and website testing. In this essay, we will explore two prominent platforms that provide such opportunities: Userfeel.com and Loop11.com.


Userfeel.com is a well-established user testing platform that connects app and website developers with a global community of testers. The platform was founded in 2010 with the mission of enabling companies to gather real user feedback to improve their digital products continually.

How Userfeel.com Works

a. Registration and Profile Setup: To begin earning by testing apps and websites on Userfeel.com, testers must sign up and create an account. During the registration process, testers provide essential information about themselves and complete a profile to help match them with suitable testing opportunities.

b. Qualification Test: After creating their profiles, testers may be required to complete a qualification test. This test evaluates their ability to perform tasks and articulate their thoughts effectively during the testing process.

c. Test Projects: Userfeel.com offers a variety of test projects, including app and website usability tests. Testers can choose projects that align with their interests, devices, and availability.

d. Testing Process: During a test, the tester is assigned specific tasks to perform on an app or website. They are asked to share their screen and record their voice as they navigate through the tasks, vocalizing their thoughts and reactions.

e. Payment and Compensation: Userfeel.com compensates testers for their participation in tests. The payment rates can vary based on the complexity and duration of each test, with testers typically earning around $10 to $25 per test. Payments are usually made through PayPal.

Advantages of Userfeel.com

a. Global Reach: Userfeel.com offers testing opportunities to individuals from around the world, allowing companies to receive feedback from a diverse pool of testers.

b. Diverse Testing Opportunities: The platform offers a wide range of testing opportunities, including websites, mobile apps, and e-commerce platforms, catering to various industries and niches.

c. Flexible Schedule: Testers have the flexibility to choose projects that suit their schedules, making it ideal for part-time testers or those with other commitments.

d. Meaningful Contribution: Testers play a crucial role in helping companies improve the user experience of their apps and websites, directly impacting thousands of users.


Loop11.com is another prominent user testing platform that focuses on remote usability testing for websites and apps. The platform was founded in 2008 with the goal of simplifying the user testing process for businesses while providing testers with an opportunity to contribute to digital product improvement.

How Loop11 Works

a. Registration and Profile Creation: To get started with Loop11.com, testers need to create an account and complete their profiles. The profile setup includes providing demographic information and details about the devices and operating systems available to the tester.

b. Test Creation and Launch: Businesses create tests on the Loop11.com platform by defining tasks and scenarios for testers to follow. Once the test is ready, it is launched to a targeted group of testers.

c. Testing Process: Testers participate in the test by performing the specified tasks while sharing their thoughts and feedback. Loop11.com records user interactions and collates data to generate valuable insights for businesses.

d. Compensation and Rewards: Testers on Loop11.com are compensated for their time and effort in completing tests. Compensation rates can vary based on the complexity and duration of each test.

Advantages of Loop11.com

a. In-Depth Analysis: Loop11.com provides businesses with comprehensive analytics and reports based on user interactions, allowing them to make informed decisions to improve their digital products.

b. Real-World Testing: Testers conduct tests in their own environments, providing businesses with real-world user feedback.

c. Scalability: Loop11.com can handle large-scale user testing projects, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

d. Global Reach: The platform offers testing opportunities to individuals from various countries, ensuring a diverse range of feedback for businesses.


User testing has become an integral part of app and website development, ensuring that digital products are user-friendly and effective. Platforms like Userfeel.com and Loop11.com play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between businesses and real users, allowing companies to receive valuable feedback from a diverse pool of testers. By participating in user testing on these platforms, individuals can earn money while contributing to the improvement of digital products worldwide. The accessibility, diverse testing opportunities, and flexibility offered by Userfeel.com and Loop11.com make them excellent options for those interested in earning by testing apps and websites. As technology continues to evolve, the need for user testing will only grow, making these platforms even more essential in shaping the future of digital innovation. So, if you’re interested in being a part of this exciting field, embrace the opportunities provided by Userfeel.com and Loop11.com and embark on a rewarding journey of testing apps and websites to ensure a better digital experience for users worldwide.

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