Let’s Earn Through Reselling – Part 1

Reselling has emerged as a popular and lucrative way to earn money in the digital age. The advent of e-commerce and social media platforms has transformed the landscape of retail, enabling individuals to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses without the need for significant capital investments. Reselling involves buying products at wholesale or discounted prices and then selling them at retail prices to make a profit. In this essay, we will delve deeper into the world of reselling and explore three prominent platforms – Meesho, Shop 101, and Glowroad – that have been instrumental in empowering resellers and transforming the way people earn through reselling.

  1. Reselling in the Digital Era:

The traditional concept of reselling has been around for centuries, where middlemen and traders would purchase goods from manufacturers and sell them to retailers or end consumers. With the rise of the internet and e-commerce, reselling has found a new dimension. Online marketplaces and social media platforms have enabled individuals to reach a broader audience and create virtual stores without the need for physical retail spaces. This has democratized entrepreneurship and opened up opportunities for people from various walks of life to participate in the reselling ecosystem.

  1. Meesho: Empowering Entrepreneurs in India:

Meesho is a leading reselling platform based in India, founded in 2015 by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. The platform has made significant strides in enabling individuals, especially women and housewives, to start their entrepreneurial journey from the comfort of their homes.

How Meesho Works:

Meesho operates on a user-friendly model that allows anyone with a smartphone and internet connectivity to become a reseller. Upon signing up, resellers gain access to a vast catalog of products spanning categories like fashion, beauty, home decor, electronics, and more. They can then share these products with their network, which includes family, friends, and contacts on social media platforms. When a sale is made through their unique referral link, the reseller earns a commission on the product’s selling price.

Key Features of Meesho:

  • Empowering Women: Meesho’s focus on empowering women has been instrumental in helping many homemakers and women entrepreneurs find financial independence and recognition.
  • Ease of Onboarding: The platform’s simple onboarding process ensures that aspiring resellers can start their business journey with minimal hassle.
  • Quality Products: Meesho is committed to offering high-quality products from trusted suppliers, building trust among resellers and customers alike.
  • Logistics Support: The platform handles product delivery, sparing resellers from the complexities of inventory management and shipping.
  • Payment and Support: Meesho ensures timely and secure payments to resellers, along with customer support to address their queries and concerns.

The Impact of Meesho on Indian Entrepreneurs:

Meesho has had a profound impact on the Indian entrepreneurial landscape, particularly among women. Many resellers on the platform have experienced a positive transformation in their lives, both financially and socially. The platform’s success stories have garnered media attention and investor interest, leading to significant funding rounds from reputed venture capitalists.

  1. Shop 101: Your App-Based Reselling Store:

Shop 101 is another notable player in the reselling industry, offering a unique approach that allows individuals to create their own mobile app-based stores. The platform was founded in 2016 by Yogesh Miharia and has gained traction among aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a more personalized reselling experience.

Setting Up Your Store with Shop 101:

Unlike traditional reselling platforms, Shop 101 enables users to create their mobile apps for selling products. Resellers can customize their app with their brand name, logo, and preferred product categories. This gives them the advantage of owning a virtual store without the complexities of app development.

Core Features of Shop 101:

  • Personalization: Shop 101’s customization options allow resellers to create a unique brand identity and deliver a tailored shopping experience to their customers.
  • Product Sourcing: The platform provides access to reliable suppliers and wholesalers, ensuring a steady supply of products for the reseller’s store.
  • Marketing Tools: Shop 101 equips resellers with marketing tools, including push notifications and social media integrations, to enhance their reach and engagement.
  • Analytics and Insights: The platform offers detailed analytics and insights to help resellers understand customer behavior and optimize their marketing strategies.

Success Stories and Market Penetration:

Shop 101’s innovative approach has attracted budding entrepreneurs looking to establish their brand presence. Numerous success stories highlight how individuals with niche focus and effective marketing strategies have achieved remarkable sales and growth through their app-based stores.

  1. Glowroad: Empowering Women through Social Commerce:

Glowroad is a unique reselling platform that operates on a social commerce model. Founded in 2017 by Sonal Verma, Nitesh Pant, and Shekhar Sahu, Glowroad aims to empower women by providing them with an opportunity to start their entrepreneurial journey.

The Social Commerce Model of Glowroad:

Glowroad’s reselling model revolves around empowering individuals to resell products to their friends, family, and acquaintances through popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. This approach taps into the power of social connections to build trust and foster word-of-mouth marketing.

Core Features of Glowroad:

  • Zero Investment Model: Glowroad’s zero investment model makes it accessible to individuals with limited capital, allowing them to start their business with ease.
  • Personalized Online Store: Resellers get their virtual storefront, where they can showcase products and manage orders efficiently.
  • Easy Catalog Sharing: The platform offers a wide range of products, and resellers can easily share product catalogs with potential customers.
  • Logistics and Payment Support: Glowroad manages order fulfillment and provides secure payment options for both resellers and customers.

Socioeconomic Impact and Recognition:

Glowroad’s emphasis on enabling women to start their entrepreneurial journey has garnered praise and recognition. Many resellers on the platform are homemakers who have found a source of income while balancing their family responsibilities. The platform’s contribution to women’s economic empowerment has been widely acknowledged and applauded.

  1. Comparing Meesho, Shop 101, and Glowroad:

While all three platforms – Meesho, Shop 101, and Glowroad – have been successful in empowering resellers and transforming the reselling landscape, they do differ in certain aspects. Let’s compare them based on several key factors:

a. Target Audience:

  • Meesho focuses on empowering women and small businesses in India, making it an attractive platform for homemakers and individuals seeking financial independence.
  • Shop 101 caters to a broader audience, allowing resellers to create their own brand presence through personalized app-based stores.
  • Glowroad, like Meesho, places emphasis on women’s empowerment and provides a social commerce model that leverages social connections for sales.

b. Onboarding Process:

  • Meesho and Shop 101 have relatively straightforward onboarding processes, making it easy for anyone with a smartphone to start their reselling journey.
  • Glowroad’s zero investment model also ensures that resellers can get started without any financial constraints.

c. Product Selection:

  • Meesho offers a wide range of products across categories, ensuring there’s something for everyone in the catalog.
  • Shop 101 and Glowroad provide access to reliable suppliers and wholesalers, offering resellers a steady supply of products.

d. Customization and Branding:

  • Shop 101 stands out in this aspect, as resellers can create their mobile app-based stores and personalize them with their branding elements.
  • Meesho and Glowroad also offer a level of customization, allowing resellers to showcase products and manage their virtual stores effectively.

e. Marketing and Reach:

  • Shop 101 provides various marketing tools like push notifications and social media integrations to enhance resellers’ reach.
  • Meesho and Glowroad leverage social connections for marketing, tapping into the power of word-of-mouth advertising.

f. Payment and Support:

  • All three platforms ensure secure and timely payments to resellers and provide customer support to address their queries.
  1. The Growing Trend of Reselling and Its Impact on Employment:

The rise of reselling platforms like Meesho, Shop 101, and Glowroad is indicative of a growing trend in the global economy. The digital age has opened up numerous avenues for earning income beyond traditional employment. Reselling presents an opportunity for individuals to become their own bosses, set their work hours, and potentially earn more than what a typical job may offer.

Moreover, reselling has significant implications for employment in several ways:

a. Micro-Entrepreneurship and Job Creation:

Reselling platforms have facilitated the rise of micro-entrepreneurship, where individuals can start small businesses with minimal investment. As more people embrace reselling, it creates a network of micro-entrepreneurs who, in turn, generate employment opportunities. For instance, a successful reseller may employ others to help manage their business operations, leading to job creation in various roles such as order processing, customer service, and logistics.

b. Economic Inclusivity and Empowerment:

Reselling platforms like Meesho, Shop 101, and Glowroad have played a crucial role in promoting economic inclusivity and empowering marginalized communities. These platforms have made entrepreneurship accessible to individuals who may not have had access to conventional business opportunities due to various socioeconomic factors. For example, women, homemakers, and individuals from rural areas can participate in the reselling economy without geographical constraints.

c. Skill Development and Entrepreneurial Mindset:

Reselling also fosters skill development and an entrepreneurial mindset among individuals. As resellers manage their businesses, they gain skills in marketing, customer service, financial management, and strategic planning. These skills are transferable and can benefit them even if they decide to pursue other business ventures in the future.

d. Adaptation to Digital Economy:

The digital era demands a shift in how business is conducted. Reselling platforms have encouraged individuals to embrace digital tools, e-commerce, and online marketing, enabling them to adapt to the changing economic landscape. This adaptability is crucial for thriving in the digital economy, where technological advancements continue to shape consumer behavior and market dynamics.

  1. Challenges and Future Prospects:

While reselling platforms have opened up new opportunities for individuals, they also face challenges that need to be addressed for sustainable growth. Some of the key challenges include:

a. Competition:

The reselling space is becoming increasingly competitive, with multiple platforms vying for resellers and customers. As the number of resellers grows, the challenge lies in standing out from the crowd and offering unique value propositions.

b. Quality Control:

Maintaining the quality of products and services is crucial for building trust among resellers and customers. Reselling platforms need to collaborate with reliable suppliers and ensure that the products meet quality standards.

c. Logistics and Delivery:

Efficient logistics and timely delivery are essential for a seamless customer experience. Reselling platforms must invest in robust logistics support to ensure on-time delivery of products.

d. Customer Support:

Prompt and effective customer support is critical for addressing resellers’ and customers’ queries and concerns. Reselling platforms must invest in customer support systems to maintain a positive reputation.

e. Scaling Operations:

As reselling platforms grow, scaling operations becomes a significant challenge. This includes managing a large user base, handling increasing transaction volumes, and ensuring platform stability.

Despite these challenges, the future prospects for reselling platforms remain promising. As technology continues to advance, these platforms can leverage artificial intelligence, data analytics, and machine learning to enhance user experiences and streamline operations. Additionally, partnerships with established brands and businesses can help reselling platforms expand their product offerings and reach a broader audience.


Reselling has emerged as a transformative force in the digital era, empowering individuals to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses without heavy capital investments. Meesho, Shop 101, and Glowroad are three prominent platforms that have played a significant role in this revolution. Each platform offers a unique approach, catering to different segments of the population and fulfilling diverse reselling needs.

Meesho’s focus on empowering women and its wide product selection have made it a preferred choice among Indian entrepreneurs. Shop 101’s personalized app-based store model allows resellers to create a distinct brand identity, while Glowroad’s social commerce approach harnesses the power of social connections for sales. These platforms have had a profound impact on the lives of resellers, fostering economic inclusivity, and encouraging skill development.

The growing trend of reselling reflects a shift in the employment landscape, with more individuals exploring entrepreneurship as a viable career option. Reselling not only generates employment opportunities but also equips individuals with valuable skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. It promotes economic inclusivity and empowers individuals from various backgrounds to participate actively in the economy.

While challenges exist, the future prospects for reselling platforms remain promising. As technology continues to evolve, reselling platforms can leverage digital tools and innovations to enhance user experiences, expand product offerings, and scale operations. With the right strategies and support, reselling platforms are poised to further transform the entrepreneurial landscape, opening up new avenues for economic growth and empowerment.

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