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Hi Viewers, Facebook Officially Launched Video Creator on 29th August 2018. Now you can make money from your Facebook videos, (uploaded videos and live videos), Terms and Conditions and Signup Process is follows..
Starting today, Ad Breaks are now fully launched across five markets and open to eligible Pages, with a range of additional countries coming soon. We had been testing Ad Breaks with a limited set of publishers and creators, but now every publisher or creator in these countries that meets the eligibility criteria below will be able to make money from their videos.
  • Eligibility: Pages are eligible for Ad Breaks if they have been creating 3-minute videos that have generated more than 30,000 1-minute views in total over the past two months, have 10,000 Facebook followers, meet our Monetization Eligibility Standards, and are located in a country where Ad Breaks are available.
  • Availability: Ad Breaks are available in the U.S., UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. In September we will be expanding to Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Thailand, supporting English content and various local languages. In the coming months availability will further expand to more countries and languages.
Ad Breaks currently include both mid-roll and pre-roll formats as well as image ads directly below the video – and whenever an Ad Break is shown the publisher or creator earns a share of the resulting revenue. Publishers and creators can use the ads auto-insertion feature, where Facebook automatically selects the best placement for the ads in their videos, or they can select the potential placements themselves. More than 70% of mid-roll ads are viewed to completion on Facebook.
Facebook want to make it as simple as possible for publishers and creators to manage their video content, interact with fans, and track content performance across all the Pages that they manage. Today we are launching Creator Studio globally, providing one central place for Pages to manage their entire content library and business. In Creator Studio, publishers and creators can:
  • Manage content and interactions: Explore and search across their entire content library, with post-level details and insights. Manage interactions across all owned Pages and respond to Facebook Messages or comments on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Streamline video publishing: Compose, schedule and publish content across owned Pages, whether in new or existing playlists. Bulk upload videos to a single Page, and soon to multiple Pages as well.
  • Access Ad Breaks: Onboard eligible Pages to Ad Breaks, review monetization insights, and view payments.
  • … and much more: Access Rights Manager, use Sound Collection, and take advantage of new features and monetization opportunities that they may be eligible for.
Late last year they announced that Watch and News Feed will give greater distribution to videos that people seek out and come back to, and this behavior is also key to monetization. Within the Insights tab of Creator Studio, we are introducing new loyalty insights, including a new metric on audience retentionso publishers and creators can better program content that keeps viewers returning. This is something publishers and creators have been asking for to help better inform their content programming.

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