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In the ever-evolving landscape of the gig economy, freelancers are continually seeking opportunities to maximize their earning potential and explore diverse work options. Contently, a prominent platform, has gained attention as a viable option for experienced freelancers looking for side hustles. This essay delves into Contently’s offerings, its unique approach to matching freelancers with projects, the potential earning opportunities, and the challenges that freelancers may encounter when using the platform. By understanding Contently’s features and limitations, freelancers can make informed decisions about whether this site aligns with their goals and aspirations in the competitive world of freelance work.

Introducing Contently: A Legitimate Platform for Freelancers

Contently is an online platform that connects experienced freelancers with various projects from prestigious clients, ranging from Marriott Hotels to American Express. With a diverse array of job categories such as writing, audio production, design, photography, and more, Contently caters to freelancers with specialized skills and expertise. This section explores the platform’s legitimacy and reputation within the gig economy, providing freelancers with assurance about the authenticity of the earning opportunities offered.

Exploring Earning Opportunities on Contently

1. Projects: Freelancers on Contently are matched with projects from high-profile clients. The platform’s association with renowned companies makes it an attractive option for freelancers seeking to work with prestigious brands. However, freelancers should be prepared to specialize in specific job categories that align with the clients’ needs.

2. Gigs: Contently periodically offers gigs, similar to job vacancies, to its registered freelancers. This proactive earning approach provides freelancers with additional opportunities to work on short-term projects or specific tasks. However, securing gigs is not guaranteed, and freelancers must stay vigilant for available opportunities.

Payment and Withdrawal Process

Contently’s unique payment system sets it apart from other freelancing platforms. Upon completing a project or gig, freelancers receive immediate compensation, eliminating the waiting period for client approval. Additionally, Contently allows freelancers to withdraw their earnings directly to their PayPal accounts without any minimum withdrawal threshold. This streamlined payment process provides freelancers with greater financial flexibility and convenience.

Assessing Earning Potential on Contently

Contently is reputed for offering competitive pay rates to its freelancers. For instance, writers may earn up to $1 per word, a substantial rate in the freelance writing industry. While the platform’s fixed rates for other job categories are proprietary, freelancers can expect favorable compensation. However, a critical factor to consider is the availability of projects, which may vary and impact the overall earning potential on Contently.

Mobile Accessibility and Global Availability

Although Contently lacks a dedicated mobile app, the platform is accessible through mobile web browsers. Freelancers can access their accounts and explore opportunities from their smartphones or tablets. Contently’s mobile-friendly design ensures a seamless experience for users, allowing them to engage with the platform efficiently. Furthermore, Contently is available worldwide, making it accessible to freelancers across different countries. However, aspiring freelancers must meet the platform’s stringent criteria to become a member and gain access to earning opportunities.

Challenges and Considerations for Freelancers

One of the primary challenges freelancers may face on Contently is the scarcity of available projects and gigs. While the pay rates are competitive, the intermittent nature of opportunities may impact a freelancer’s ability to generate a consistent income. Additionally, the platform’s selection process is rigorous, accepting only experienced and highly-skilled freelancers. As a result, newcomers to the gig economy may find it challenging to secure a place on Contently.


Contently presents an intriguing option for experienced freelancers seeking side hustles. With its association with prestigious clients and competitive pay rates, the platform offers lucrative earning opportunities. However, freelancers must be prepared for the limited availability of projects and the stringent acceptance criteria. By carefully assessing Contently’s offerings and aligning their expectations, freelancers can make informed decisions about integrating this platform into their freelance endeavors. Whether Contently is the right fit depends on a freelancer’s skill set, experience, and willingness to adapt to the platform’s unique payment system and competitive landscape in the gig economy.

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