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HeyPiggy is a reputable survey site that offers a good number of surveys and fair compensation compared to many other survey sites. It provides a user-friendly platform for individuals to earn extra money by sharing their opinions through surveys.

Upon discovering HeyPiggy, I was initially skeptical due to encountering numerous websites making similar claims. However, upon further investigation, I found that HeyPiggy is indeed a legitimate site that offers rewards for completing surveys.

Earning Opportunity:

HeyPiggy primarily offers paid surveys as a means of earning money. Once you log into the member dashboard, you will find a comprehensive list of available surveys that you can participate in. I appreciate that HeyPiggy presents surveys immediately upon signing up, which sets it apart from other platforms.

The member dashboard provides a clear overview of each survey, including the compensation amount and estimated completion time. This transparency is helpful in managing your time and expectations.

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Payment Process:

For each survey you complete, you will earn a specific amount that is credited to your HeyPiggy account balance. You can later redeem your earnings for various gift cards or vouchers, depending on your country of residence. Some countries even offer the option to cash out via PayPal when you reach approximately $5.

The redemption threshold for rewards varies based on your country and the specific gift card or voucher you wish to redeem. The lowest threshold I found was $1, which allows for quick reward redemption.

Earning Potential:

Your earnings on HeyPiggy depend on the number of surveys you complete and the compensation rates provided by the site. While you have no control over the number of surveys available to you, consistently providing honest answers can increase your chances of receiving more survey invitations.

In terms of compensation, you can typically expect to earn around $0.50 to $1 per completed survey, which is a reasonable range. Occasionally, there may be higher-paying surveys offering up to $10, although these opportunities are not frequent.

Mobile Compatibility:

HeyPiggy does not offer a dedicated mobile app, but you can access the member dashboard through a mobile web browser. The website is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to easily navigate and read content without the need to zoom in.


HeyPiggy is available globally, although earning opportunities may vary by country. In my experience, countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, most of Europe, Australia, and certain Asian countries tend to offer more opportunities for earning on the platform.

In conclusion,

HeyPiggy is a reputable survey site that provides a decent number of surveys and fair compensation. Its user-friendly interface and transparent survey information make it a viable option for earning extra money by sharing your opinions. While it may not have a dedicated mobile app, the mobile-friendly website allows for convenient access on your mobile device. Remember, earning potential and available surveys may vary based on your country of residence.

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Pros And Cons


  • Offers a very straightforward way to earn
  • Has a decent number of surveys available immediately after sign-up
  • The site is mobile and user-friendly
  • Quite high rewards


  • The PayPal payment method is not available in all countries
  • You have to log in to the dashboard to access the contact form

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