Mithram Scheme: Empowering Socially Deviant Individuals through Job Skill Training


The Mithram scheme, spearheaded by the Department of Social Justice, is a commendable initiative aimed at providing job skill training to socially deviant individuals who face stigmatization and marginalization in society. These individuals, which include probationers, ex-convicts, dependents of prisoners, victims of crime, dependents of crime victims, young offenders, and cured mentally ill prisoners, often struggle to find employment opportunities and are compelled to resort to socially unacceptable means of survival. Moreover, individuals from broken families are frequently neglected and lack access to basic education and life skill training, leaving them vulnerable to engaging in criminal activities. To address these challenges and reduce recidivism rates, effective psychosocial interventions and support are crucial.

Furthermore, crime victims who have sustained life-threatening injuries often face difficulties reintegrating into society and securing steady livelihoods. Therefore, it is essential to provide appropriate rehabilitation not only for the crime victims themselves but also for their dependents. The Mithram scheme aims to mainstream these vulnerable populations by equipping them with job skills that will enable them to earn a sustainable income through self-employment or access better job opportunities. By doing so, the scheme aims to empower socially deviant individuals, improve their socio-economic conditions, and contribute to the creation of a safer, crime-free society.

Objectives of the Mithram Scheme

The formulation of the State Probation Policy 2021 underpins the Mithram scheme, which seeks to strengthen the Social Defence mechanism and envision a society free from crime while reducing recidivism. The scheme’s objectives are multifaceted, addressing the various needs of socially deviant individuals, dependents of prisoners, and victims of crime.

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1. Creating Better Job Opportunities and Providing Skill Training:

The primary objective of the Mithram scheme is to generate improved job opportunities for socially deviant individuals and equip them with the necessary skills to earn a livelihood. Through comprehensive skill training programs, participants will acquire industry-relevant knowledge and expertise, enabling them to secure gainful employment. This objective serves as a crucial step in breaking the cycle of criminal behavior and social marginalization, fostering a sense of self-worth, and promoting successful reintegration into society.

2. Rehabilitation of Dependents of Prisoners:

The scheme recognizes the challenges faced by dependents of prisoners, who often lack adequate support systems and opportunities for personal development. By providing skill training programs tailored to their specific needs, the Mithram scheme aims to facilitate their rehabilitation and empower them to build self-sustaining lives. By addressing the educational and vocational gaps in their lives, the scheme seeks to break the intergenerational cycle of crime and vulnerability.

3. Empowering Crime Victims and Their Dependents:

Victims of crime, particularly those who have sustained life-threatening injuries, face significant hurdles in their journey towards recovery and normalcy. The Mithram scheme acknowledges the importance of rehabilitating these individuals and their dependents, offering them avenues for self-employment and financial independence. By providing support, counseling, and skill training, the scheme aims to restore their confidence and provide them with the means to lead fulfilling lives.

4. Ensuring Job Placements and Skill Development:

The Mithram scheme places great emphasis on ensuring that participants secure employment or become self-employed after completing their skill training. Through strategic partnerships with employers, vocational training institutes, and industry experts, the scheme aims to facilitate job placements for socially deviant individuals. Additionally, ongoing skill development programs will be provided to enhance the participants’ expertise, keeping them competitive in an ever-evolving job market.

5. Technology-driven Training for the Unskilled Population:

To cater to the needs of the unskilled population, the Mithram scheme harnesses the power of technology to provide training and expertise. By leveraging the latest technological advancements, participants will gain access to cutting-edge training modules and acquire skills that align with market demands. This approach ensures that the training provided is relevant, sustainable, and capable of generating a steady income for individuals who previously lacked marketable skills.

6. Empowering Women through Self-Employment:

Recognizing the importance of gender empowerment, the Mithram scheme places special emphasis on creating self-employment opportunities for women. By fostering entrepreneurship and providing business development support, the scheme seeks to enable women to become financially independent and active contributors to society. This approach not only benefits individual women but also contributes to the overall socio-economic development of their communities.

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The Mithram scheme represents a significant step towards empowering socially deviant individuals, dependents of prisoners, and victims of crime by providing them with job skill training and support. By focusing on skill development, rehabilitation, and job placement, the scheme aims to break the cycle of crime, reduce recidivism, and foster socio-economic development. Through its comprehensive approach, the Mithram scheme recognizes the diverse needs of the target population and strives to address them effectively.

The successful implementation of the Mithram scheme requires collaborative efforts between the Department of Social Justice, vocational training institutes, employers, and various stakeholders. By providing vulnerable individuals with the tools they need to become self-reliant and economically stable, the scheme creates a pathway to a brighter future. Ultimately, the Mithram scheme paves the way for a more inclusive society, where every individual has the opportunity to lead a dignified life and contribute positively to their communities.

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