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Moj is an Indian video-sharing social networking service owned by Bangalore-based Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd. It features special effects, emoticons, stickers and short videos that have a duration of 15 seconds to one minute under genres like dance, travel, singing, acting, comedy, and education.

“Creator Economy”, led by the rise of short-form videos, has become a global phenomenon in recent years. Today, there are more than 100M+ content creators globally, with increasing numbers of short video first creators. In India especially, the rise in the short video ecosystem has been exponential, with the growth in online video user base being almost 2x faster than major markets like China. Millions of creators across the length and breadth of the country are on these short video platforms today, creating trendy content, and many of them have gained massive stardom in a short span of time.

For many users, the journey of content creation starts as a medium to express their creativity and talents.With every new content they create, they learn and get better at it. They know how to tell their stories better, use camera angles and lights, and use different content creation tools, among other details. With little structured training and limited direct access to the creator communities, sometimes these learnings can take more time than they should, leading to longer times for these creators to reach a stage of improvement in their content quality to reach massive audiences.

We at Moj want all budding creators to have an equal opportunity at becoming successful, enjoy stardom and be role models for the next generation of creators. Moj For Creators (MFC) has been designed to identify budding original creators, providing them with all the necessary tools and training and place them on a course of accelerated growth to become mega influencers on Moj.

Moj For Creators will enable collaboration between seasoned creators in the Moj creator communities along with the selected budding creators. We have created a host of personalized training programs on how to shoot videos, edit videos, choose backgrounds etc. for different creator niches like dancing, acting, beauty and fashion, education and job, food, information and commerce, art and craft etc. to facilitate learning opportunities. The MFC program will also provide selected creators monetization opportunities through direct earnings and brand collaborations. Please refer to the overview below for further details of the benefits included.

All budding creators creating original content can apply to the Moj For Creator program. The detailed selection criteria is included in the overview below. All creators can download the Moj app and apply for the MFC program through the touchpoint present in their Moj profile. Please refer to the overview below for step by step details on how to apply.

Moj For Creators will allow budding creators to accelerate their journey to becoming mega influencers on Moj. We invite all budding original content creators to join the Moj For Creators program.

Moj For Creator (MFC) program overview

1. What’s exactly in it for the creators?

Once the creators get selected in Moj For Creator program, they would have access to below benefits:

  • Be a part of the Moj Creator Communities — Learn and collaborate with seasoned creators
  • Get exclusive access to cohort-based Moj Creator training programs — Curated and designed to leapfrog your learning curve
  • A direct communication line with the Moj team dedicated solely to your success
  • Become an influencer and be eligible for brand collaborations
  • Get an opportunity to earn while you learn

In addition to above benefits, they would also get:

2. Who can apply to the Moj For Creator?

  • All original creators will be eligible for this program. For any creator to be eligible for this program they should not be enrolled in any other program / agreement with ShareChat/Moj.
  • Only original creators would be eligible for this program. Creators uploading duplicate videos will not be considered.
  • A creator will be eligible only after creating a minimum of 5 videos including at least 1 video shot with Moj Camera.
  • The videos uploaded should be in line with Moj’s Terms of Use, Community Guidelines and as stated below, the Monetization Guidelines

Monetization guidelines: Creators creating videos that are original, non-repetitive, high quality, and interesting to viewers will be eligible for monetization.

Examples of videos that qualify for monetization, including but not limited to:

  • Videos with original dialogues or music or dance performance or text supers
  • Videos that showcase original visuals using an existing audio track
  • Videos that might be similar in content topic, but are different in what they contain
  • Multiple original/existing clips edited into one video with an original concept
  • Good quality videos — resolution (720p and above)
  • Videos created for HTC participation

Examples of videos that do not qualify for monetization, including but not limited to:

  • Templatized or aggregated or fake or copied videos
  • Image slideshows (Unless photography genre with original pictures showcased)
  • Watermarked videos
  • NSFW content
  • Creators with a high duplication rate

3. How can creators apply for this program?

Creators already using Moj App can directly apply using the steps below. All new creators must first download the Moj App and then follow the below steps to complete the application. Creators can also fill the application for the program through the MFC application webpage, post which they would be directed to download the Moj app and complete their basic profile. Post profile creation, these creators can follow below steps to apply for the MFC program too.

  • Creators can go the application page either through the hamburger menu on their profile or through the profile nudge:
  • A touchpoint would be present on their profile to apply for MFC

=> Hamburger menu: always visible till the campaign is enabled

=> Profile Nudges will be visible to apply for the program

  • Clicking on this would lead to the in-app MFC Application web page.
  • The creator will be asked to fill in the remaining profile details in the application (if needed) along with a quick questionnaire.
  • Creators will then be asked to create 5 videos including 1 video created with Moj Camera to complete their application process. If they already meet this criterion then the field will be automatically checked.
  • Application process will conclude with the final step of creators signing off the Terms & Conditions.
  • Once the creators submit their application, they would get immediate access to features like Performance Insights (Analytics) and Creator Hub
  • As the creators keep creating more and more videos, various other features like cash based rewards, brand collab opportunities among others will be unlocked for the creators

With Moj For Creators, we want to be the vehicle for millions of creators across India to grow, open new opportunities, create a space for them to express their talent, and enable emerging creators to become mega influencers. Come join us in our creator journey!

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