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The Quandt Small Cap Fund- Regular Growth, an offering from Quand Mutual Fund, has been a stalwart presence in the world of mutual funds for over two and a half decades. Launched on October 2, 1996, this small-cap scheme has navigated the ever-changing financial landscape, accumulating assets worth Rs 5565.26 crore. This essay delves deep into the various facets of the fund, its performance, investment strategies, and the wealth it has generated for its investors over the years.

Fund Overview:

With a net asset value (NAV) of Rs 171.15 crore as of July 28, the Quandt Small Cap Fund- Regular Growth is a formidable contender in the mutual fund arena. Its expense ratio, a measure of the cost to investors, stands at 2.37 percent. The minimum initial investment required is Rs. 5,000 for a lump sum investment, and for those seeking to invest through a systematic investment plan (SIP), a mere Rs. 1,000 is sufficient. However, it’s important to note that an exit load of 1 percent applies if the investment is withdrawn within 365 days, encouraging investors to take a long-term view.

Performance Metrics:

One of the primary aspects investors scrutinize is the fund’s performance. In the last six months, the Quandt Small Cap Fund- Regular Growth has exhibited remarkable returns, delivering 22.18 percent. Over a one-year horizon, it has yielded an impressive 39.64 percent return, and over three years, it has notched up a solid 52.58 percent. Over a longer timeframe, the fund’s performance remains commendable, with returns of 27.25 percent over five years and 20.37 percent over seven years. These returns underscore the fund’s consistency and ability to weather market fluctuations.

Long-Term Performance:

The Quandt Small Cap Fund has stood the test of time, proving its mettle as a reliable investment avenue. Over its 26-year journey, it has achieved an annualized return of 11.68 percent since its inception. This consistent performance over a substantial period highlights the fund’s ability to generate wealth for its investors steadily.

Case Studies:

To illustrate the tangible benefits of investing in the Quandt Small Cap Fund, consider two hypothetical investors. The first investor initiated a lump sum investment of Rs. 1 lakh and subsequently continued with a monthly SIP of Rs. 10,000 for 25 years. The result? A staggering return of close to Rs. 3 crore. This wealth accumulation is a testament to the fund’s capacity to deliver substantial returns over the long term.

In another scenario, investors who opted for a SIP of Rs. 10,000 per month without an initial lump sum investment still realized impressive gains. Those who diligently contributed for 25 years found themselves with Rs. 2.41 crore, while those who persevered for 20 years witnessed their investments grow to Rs. 1.23 crore. These examples underscore the flexibility and wealth-building potential of the Quandt Small Cap Fund.

SIP Growth:

A notable aspect of this fund is its ability to multiply investments over a relatively short period. Investments more than doubled in just 5 years, with the total investment through SIP growing from Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 15.48 lakh. This phenomenon reflects the fund’s agility in capturing market opportunities and delivering substantial returns in a relatively short span.


The Quandt Small Cap Fund- Regular Growth is a testament to the power of consistent, long-term investing. Its impressive track record of over 26 years, robust performance metrics, and the wealth it has generated for investors exemplify its resilience and growth potential. Whether through lump sum investments or systematic investment plans, this fund has consistently delivered impressive returns, making it a compelling choice for those seeking to build wealth over time. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, the Quandt Small Cap Fund stands as a beacon of stability and prosperity in the world of mutual funds.

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