Nari Shakti Savings Account : 1 Crore Accident Insurance And Special Interest Rate On Loans

Nari Shakti Savings Account

Exclusively tailored for women aged 18 and above, this savings account offered by Bank of India transcends traditional banking, providing a suite of benefits that extend beyond conventional financial services. In this comprehensive exploration, we unveil the myriad features and advantages that define the Nari Shakti Savings Account, from a substantial personal accident insurance cover to discounted interest rates on loans.

Genesis of Nari Shakti Savings Account

The genesis of the Nari Shakti Savings Account lies in the commitment to bridge gender gaps in financial access and provide a platform for women to build and secure their financial futures. Recognizing the unique needs and contributions of women, Bank of India introduces this account as a catalyst for financial empowerment, offering not just banking services but a comprehensive package of benefits designed to uplift and support women in their financial journey.

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Key Features and Benefits

  1. Personal Accident Insurance Cover:
    • Account holders are entitled to a robust personal accident insurance cover, extending up to a staggering Rs.1 crore. This feature serves as a financial safety net, providing security and peace of mind to account holders and their families.
  2. Discounts on Health Insurance and Wellness Products:
    • In a holistic approach to women’s well-being, the Nari Shakti Savings Account extends attractive discounts on health insurance and wellness products. This feature not only addresses the financial aspect of healthcare but also promotes a proactive approach to overall well-being.
  3. Attractive Discounts on Locker Facilities:
    • Recognizing the value of safekeeping precious possessions, account holders enjoy attractive discounts on locker facilities. This ensures a secure space for storing valuables such as gold and diamonds, aligning with the account’s commitment to holistic financial well-being.
  4. Platinum Account Holder Benefits:
    • For those who aspire for premium banking services, the Nari Shakti Savings Account offers additional benefits for platinum account holders. These may include exclusive privileges, personalized services, and tailored financial solutions.
  5. Discounted Interest Rate & Free Credit Card:
    • One of the standout features is the provision of a discounted interest rate, making financial endeavors more affordable for account holders. Additionally, eligible women may receive a complimentary credit card, unlocking a world of convenience and financial flexibility.
  6. No Processing Charges for Retail Loans:
    • In a bid to facilitate easier access to credit, the account extends a unique advantage of no processing charges for retail loans. This empowers women to pursue their aspirations, whether it be education, entrepreneurship, or any other financial goal.

How to Open a Nari Shakti Savings Account

  • Women interested in harnessing the benefits of the Nari Shakti Savings Account can initiate the process by visiting any domestic branch of Bank of India. While the account is not currently listed for online application, the physical branch visit ensures a personalized and supportive onboarding experience.


In essence, the Nari Shakti Savings Account is not just a banking product; it’s a commitment to empowering women, recognizing their financial potential, and transforming their futures. As women embark on their financial journeys with this account, they find themselves equipped with not just monetary benefits but a suite of tools and support systems that foster holistic well-being. This essay navigates through the nuanced features, benefits, and the overarching impact of the Nari Shakti Savings Account, celebrating a step towards a more inclusive and empowered financial landscape.

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