Navajeevan Scheme – Get 50,000 Collateral Free Loan With 25% Subsidy

The Navajeevan Scheme stands as a beacon of hope for senior citizens in Kerala, offering a unique opportunity for self-employment through a collateral-free loan with a 25% subsidy. This groundbreaking initiative is tailored to empower individuals aged 50 to 65, registered with employment exchanges in Kerala, fostering entrepreneurship and financial independence among the senior demographic.

Scheme Overview

The Navajeevan Scheme is specifically designed as a self-employment opportunity for senior citizens, recognizing their potential and experience in contributing to the economic landscape. With a focus on providing collateral-free loans of Rs.50,000 along with a substantial 25% subsidy, the scheme aims to facilitate the establishment of small businesses, allowing seniors to explore entrepreneurial ventures.

Priority Criteria

  1. Timely Employment Registration Renewal: Priority is accorded to individuals who consistently renew their employment registration on time. This criterion emphasizes the commitment of applicants to actively engage with employment exchange services.
  2. Special Focus on Women, Widows, and Differently Abled: A noteworthy feature of the Navajeevan Scheme is the allocation of 25% of the sanctioned loan specifically for women. Widows above 55 years and differently abled individuals are given precedence, aligning with the scheme’s inclusive agenda.
  3. Below Poverty Line (BPL) Category Support: An additional 25% of the sanctioned loan is directed towards applicants falling under the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category. This strategic allocation reflects the scheme’s commitment to uplifting economically disadvantaged individuals.

Merit Criteria

To be eligible for the Navajeevan Scheme, applicants must meet the following merit criteria:

  • Active Employment Registration: Successful applicants must have a current and active employment registration.
  • Age Range: The scheme caters to individuals with an age range between 50 to 65 years, recognizing the valuable contribution seniors can make to the workforce.
  • Income Limit: The personal annual income of applicants should not exceed Rs.1 lakh, ensuring the scheme reaches those who genuinely need financial support for self-employment endeavors.

Loan Utilization

The Navajeevan Scheme positions the loan as a catalyst for initiating small businesses. Senior citizens can leverage the funds to kickstart ventures that align with their skills, interests, and market demand. The scheme acknowledges the potential for joint ventures, encouraging collaboration among applicants for mutual benefit.

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Implementing Financial Institutions

Several reputable financial institutions collaborate to implement the Navajeevan Scheme, providing seniors with access to the collateral-free loan. These institutions include:

  1. District Nationalized/Scheduled Banks
  2. State/District Cooperative Banks
  3. Kerala Bank
  4. K.S.F.E (Kerala State Financial Enterprises)
  5. Other Public Sector Financial Institutions

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Application Process

The scheme emphasizes inclusivity, allowing every eligible individual to apply for loans and subsidies. A vital aspect of availing the benefits is the necessity to share one’s business idea with the employment exchange, aligning with the Kerala Employment Service & Registration of Unemployed Persons (KESRU) scheme.


In conclusion, the Navajeevan Scheme emerges as a transformative initiative, addressing the unique needs of senior citizens in Kerala. By providing a collateral-free loan with a 25% subsidy, the scheme not only encourages self-employment but also recognizes the valuable contributions seniors can make to the economic fabric of the state. As the scheme unfolds, it has the potential to redefine the narrative around senior citizens, positioning them not just as recipients of support but as active contributors to the entrepreneurial landscape. The Navajeevan Scheme embodies the spirit of empowerment and inclusivity, embodying the adage that age should never be a barrier to realizing one’s dreams.

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