New Money Making Apps 2023 Arrived – Checkout Now – Part 1

1) Tyr Rewards

Tyr Rewards may not be a worthwhile app for those seeking to earn substantial rewards while playing games. There are better alternatives available with higher payout potential.

Tyr Rewards functions as a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app that compensates users for playing its featured mobile games. While it does offer rewards, the app’s overall value is questionable. The primary method of earning on Tyr Rewards is through playing mobile games, but the earnings per game range only between $0.5 to $2. By accessing the “Offers” section, you can browse the available games.

Another earning avenue is the app’s referral program, a common feature in GPT sites and apps. By inviting others to join Tyr Rewards, you can receive a 10% commission on their earnings.

Considering the relatively low earnings and better alternatives in the market, Tyr Rewards may not be the most advantageous option for users seeking game-based earning opportunities.

2) Daily Watch Video

Daily Watch Video is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app that offers rewards for active participation in its various opportunities. While the app primarily focuses on rewarding users for watching videos, it has an interesting twist in terms of initial earning methods. Instead of solely watching videos, users are required to engage in mini-games available within the app. These mini-games serve as a means to earn rewards. Additionally, the app provides an opportunity to earn through its referral program.

To earn through the referral program, users can invite others to join the app by sharing their unique referral code. Upon successful referral, both the referrer and the new user receive an instant reward of 10,000 coins. These coins can later be converted into real money using popular payment platforms such as PayPal or Paytm.

By combining the activities of watching videos, playing mini-games, and referring friends, users can accumulate coins and subsequently exchange them for actual monetary rewards. Daily Watch Video offers a dynamic and engaging way for users to earn rewards while participating in various activities within the app.

3) Growfitter

Growfitter is a legitimate fitness app that offers rewards for engaging in exercise activities. Users can indeed receive rewards for activities such as walking, running, and cycling. However, the worthiness of investing time in Growfitter is subjective and dependent on individual preferences and goals.

One way to earn rewards through Growfitter is by participating in fitness challenges. By logging into the app and navigating to the “Challenges” section, users can explore a variety of fitness challenges available. Completing these challenges enables users to earn rewards.

In addition to challenges, Growfitter provides opportunities to earn rewards through various fitness activities, including running, walking, cycling, and even answering health quizzes. These activities contribute to accumulating rewards within the app.

Moreover, users can leverage the referral program to earn rewards by inviting others to join Growfitter. Upon successful referral, both the referrer and the new user receive 10 Growfitter Points as a reward.

While Growfitter offers a platform to earn rewards for exercising and engaging in fitness-related activities, determining its worthiness depends on personal preferences, fitness goals, and the overall value one derives from using the app. It is important for individuals to evaluate whether Growfitter aligns with their fitness objectives and if the rewards provided adequately motivate and benefit them on their fitness journey.

4) GameXpert

GameXpert is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app that offers rewards for playing a variety of mobile games. By engaging with the featured games, users can earn coins based on the duration of their gameplay. These coins are then added to the user’s GameXpert coin balance. Once a sufficient number of coins have been accumulated, users have the option to convert them into cash through PayPal. The minimum withdrawal amount on GameXpert is approximately $0.2, which typically requires earning a minimum of 2,000 coins.

The app provides an opportunity for users to earn rewards by simply playing mobile games. As users spend more time playing, they can accrue coins and work towards meeting the withdrawal threshold. By converting the earned coins into cash via PayPal, users can access their rewards.

GameXpert offers a platform where gamers can turn their leisure time into a potential source of income. It is important to note that the actual earnings may vary based on the individual’s gameplay and the number of coins earned per minute. However, GameXpert presents an avenue for mobile gaming enthusiasts to earn rewards while enjoying their favorite games.


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