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In today’s dynamic world, it is essential to prioritize financial security and develop a habit of saving. Recognizing the importance of this aspect, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has introduced the Aadhaar Shila policy, a women-only scheme that offers a unique combination of savings and insurance benefits. This policy not only assists women in achieving their savings goals but also provides financial protection to their families in times of unforeseen circumstances. In this essay, we will explore the key features, eligibility criteria, benefits, and the process of acquiring the Aadhaar Shila policy.

Policy Overview

The Aadhaar Shila policy is designed exclusively for women between the ages of 8 and 55 years. It provides a flexible policy term ranging from 10 to 20 years, allowing individuals to choose the duration that aligns with their financial objectives. The minimum sum assured for this policy is set at Rs 75,000, while the maximum sum assured is Rs 3,00,000.

Benefits and Coverage

The Aadhaar Shila policy offers a comprehensive set of benefits to policyholders, ensuring both savings growth and insurance coverage. Let’s delve into the key benefits provided by this policy:

Death Benefit:

In the unfortunate event of the policyholder’s demise, the Aadhaar Shila policy ensures that the family receives financial support. The death benefit is calculated as ten times the annual premium or 105 percent of the premium paid or the sum assured after death. Additionally, if the policyholder passes away after five years of policy ownership, the family will receive a loyalty addition along with the fixed amount. The policy settlement can be chosen for either ten or fifteen years.

Maturity Benefit:

Upon completion of the policy term, the policyholder is entitled to the maturity benefit. This benefit includes the sum assured amount plus a loyalty bonus. The loyalty bonus is a dividend paid by LIC to policyholders, further enhancing the overall returns.

Policy Premium and Payment Options

The policy premium for the Aadhaar Shila policy is calculated based on the sum assured, policy term, and the age of the policyholder. The premium can be paid annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly, providing individuals with flexibility and convenience in managing their payments.

Surrender and Tax Benefits

Under certain circumstances, policyholders may choose to surrender the Aadhaar Shila policy. If the premium has been paid for at least two years, the policy can be surrendered. However, loyalty bonuses are only provided if the policy is surrendered after a period of five years, with all premiums paid without delay. It is important to note that the surrender value is received only upon maturity if the entire premium has been paid.

Moreover, the premium amount and the returns received during the policy term are exempt from taxes, providing individuals with added financial benefits.

Case Study and Policy Calculator

To understand the potential benefits of the Aadhaar Shila policy, let’s consider a case study. Suppose a 30-year-old woman purchases the policy with a sum assured of Rs 3 lakh for a 20-year term. The annual premium for the first year amounts to Rs 11,960, which can be conveniently paid as monthly installments of Rs 1,018 (approximately Rs 32 per day). From the second year onwards, the premium reduces to Rs 11,703 annually and Rs 996 per month. At the completion of the 20-year policy term, the policyholder will receive the sum assured of Rs 3 lakh and a loyalty addition of Rs 97,500, resulting in a total payout of Rs 3,97,500.

Policy Acquisition Process

To acquire the Aadhaar Shila policy, individuals have multiple options. The policy can be purchased online through LIC’s Udyogika website or through LIC branches and authorized agents. This ensures that the policy acquisition process is accessible and convenient for potential policyholders.


The Aadhaar Shila policy by LIC stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to empowering women’s financial security. By providing a unique blend of savings and insurance benefits, this policy offers women the opportunity to develop a habit of saving and protect their families against unforeseen circumstances. With its flexible terms, tax benefits, and attractive returns, the Aadhaar Shila policy serves as an effective tool for women to achieve their long-term financial goals while enjoying peace of mind.

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