Online Survey Job – Share Your Opinion And Earn Money Online – BrandBee Review 2024

Online Survey Job

In the vast landscape of online survey platforms promising monetary rewards, BrandBee emerges as a contender, offering users an opportunity to voice their opinions and earn. Formerly known as Mobile Performance Meter, this revamped app has sparked curiosity among those seeking supplementary income streams. But does it truly deliver on its promises? Let’s delve into the depths of BrandBee to uncover its earning options, payment methods, and overall feasibility.

Exploring Earning Options

BrandBee positions surveys as its primary avenue for earning. Unlike its predecessor, surveys now take center stage, presenting users with an opportunity to share insights in exchange for rewards.

Online Survey Job

Daily Points

Passivity meets earning potential with the accessibility feature. By enabling this option, the app discretely gathers data on your mobile usage, contributing to your earnings over time.

Cashback Offers

Beyond surveys, BrandBee introduces cashback offers, enticing users with the prospect of earning rewards through purchases. Partnered with renowned retailers like Macy’s and Amazon, this feature aims to blend shopping with earning.

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Deciphering Payment Methods

BrandBee employs a coin-based system to reward users for their participation. These coins serve as a gateway to redeeming a variety of gift cards, including those from Amazon, Best Buy, and Macy’s. With a straightforward conversion rate of 100 coins equaling $1, users can easily track their earnings and explore redemption options.

Online Survey Job

Assessing Earning Potential

While the allure of earning beckons, the reality of BrandBee’s earning potential unveils a nuanced picture. Surveys yield a modest return of 30 to 50 coins each, translating to a mere $0.30 to $0.50 per survey. Such meager rewards paint a sobering picture of the platform’s earning capabilities, prompting users to ponder its viability as a significant income source.

BrandBee’s mobile-exclusive nature presents a double-edged sword. While catering to the ubiquitous presence of smartphones, it alienates desktop users, limiting accessibility. Furthermore, the app’s availability is restricted to Android users, leaving iOS enthusiasts out in the cold. The lack of transparency regarding supported countries adds another layer of uncertainty, necessitating individual investigation for potential users.

Online Survey Job

Pros and Cons at a Glance:


  • User-friendly interface enhances navigational experience.
  • Partnerships with reputable retail giants bolster the platform’s credibility.


  • Limited earning avenues restrict income potential.
  • Modest rewards undermine the allure of participation.
  • Absence of cash rewards diminishes appeal for some users.

Final Verdict: Is BrandBee Worth Your Time?

In the realm of online survey platforms, BrandBee emerges as a contender, offering users a chance to monetize their opinions and habits. However, its modest earning potential and limited scope may deter those seeking substantial income streams. While its user-friendly interface and partnership with established retailers add allure, the platform’s inability to offer cash rewards and its restricted accessibility pose significant barriers. Ultimately, the decision to engage with BrandBee hinges on individual preferences and expectations regarding earning potential and convenience.

Online Survey Job

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