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What is video Marketing

Video marketing is an emotionally attractive manner for brands to hook up with customers and catch their interest in a digitally overloaded world.
Strategic video advertising considers your brand’s dreams and metrics, as well as your customers’ location in the sales funnel. For powerful target market focused on, it’s important to determine in which videos can be positioned and in what context they will seem.
Advances in dynamic video and direct partnerships among manufacturers will enhance video personalization, target market focused on, and user experience

Importance of Video Marketing

1. Videos are a Great Way to Explain Your Product
2. Videos Have a Good Return on Investment
3. You Can Use Video in a Variety of Ways
4. People Love Video
5. Videos are Great for SEO

Types of marketing videos

  1. Demo videos

2. Brand videos

3. Event videos

4. Expert interviews

5. Educational or how to do videos

6. Explainer videos

7. Animated videos

8. Case study and customer testimonial videos

9. Live videos

Paid Channels for video marketing

Paid Ads
You can use platforms like AdSense and AdWords where you can lay your focus on specific audiences, analyze the results of the campaign that you undertook, and decide on what to improve upon in a short time.

Paid content promotion

You can promote your content video through Facebook ads, Instagram ads, influencer ads, native ads, You can also promote your content on  other social media platforms.

Measuring Your Videos

Measuring your videos after the video marketing will help you to take future decisions about marketing, advertising, business


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