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What is WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp Marketing is a sort of messenger advertising, which implies promoting a brand through WhatsApp. This channel allows brands attain an sizeable target audience, build strong relationships with clients, and increase income. With WhatsApp advertising tools you can convert extra leads into customers and offer 24/7 customer assist.
WhatsApp marketing lets in you to live in contact with your customers – greater than half of of WhatsApp customers take a look at the app every day. Higher but, you can be sure they’ll get your offers, as textual content messages have a 98% open rate.
WhatsApp marketing is a proven way of creating a particularly interactive messaging experience to your customers in a way that stands out from the crowd. Because of the nature of the app, conversation flows greater easily and with less friction building a relationship between brand and its consumer. Paid WhatsApp marketing means WhatsApp marketing done through paid tools.

Importance of  WhatsApp marketing

1. Fast, secure, and cost-effective

2. Wider demographic reach

3. Supports engaging and personalized communication

4. Helps gain valuable customer insights

5. Facilitates automation & FAQ

What is WATI ?

Is a WhatsApp Engagement Tool that is built on WhatsApp’s Official Business API. It includes a Shared Team Inbox, No Code Chatbot Builder, Contact Management and more. You can even broadcast messages and integrate with your third party software such as Hubspot, Zoho, Shopify, WordPress, Salesforce, Zapier, Integromat, etc.

Features Of WATI 

) Wati has its own CRM exclusively for WhatsApp.

2) It allows the integration of some tools including Shopify and other external CRMs.

3) It has bots for WhatsApp.

4) It has its own app.

5) Access to the APIs.

6) You can send Broadcast Messages


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