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Paidverts is one of the largest PTC (paid-to-click) sites in the world. However, does it actually payout, and is it worth your time? Find out in this Paidverts review.

Key Points ⚡


Minimum Age 16
Location(s) Worldwide
Platform(s) Web
Avg. $/hour $0.05
Avg. Work Volume A few opportunities a day
Ways to Earn PTC, surveys, offers, games
Payout Options Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, Payeer
Minimum Payout $1
Avg. Payment Speed 2 day

Company Info

  • Founded: 2014.
  • Name: LINSTOW LP.
  • Founders: Unkown.
  • Located: Suite 7038, 4 Fullarton Street, Ayr KA7 1UB, Scotland.
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Contact details:

Is Paidverts Legit?

Yes, Paidverts is legit and they DO payout to their users, but I wouldn’t recommend using it. It takes way to long to rack up a significant amount of BAP, the system pretty much forces you to have to log in every day, and the earnings are extremely low for the amount of time put in.

Now sure, maybe if you invested some money and a lot of your time into Paidverts, MAYBE you could profit a good bit of money every day, but that seems riskier than it’s worth. That said, I’ve seen claims from other users receiving ads worth $1+ so maybe it is possible.

For me, I don’t have the patience to try to get there. If you want to try it yourself, you can sign up here. Either way, keep reading this review for more information on Paidverts safety and how it works.

Note: Some red flags…

  • I found spelling mistakes in their privacy policy
  • Tough to find out who’s behind the site. There’s no “Meet the Team” section, the founders aren’t on LinkedIn, etc.
  • I’ve read multiple reviews online now of people depositing $5+ and not being able to withdraw. That’s worrying.

Who Can Join?

  • Age requirement: 16 years old.
  • Country requirements:  Worldwide.
  • Device requirements: Available on all devices with a web browser.
  • Payout requirements: Crypto wallet to receive funds (Coinbase is supported)

Safety Inspection

  • SSL certificate? Yes.
  • Privacy policy: Here.
  • Terms of Service: Here.
  • Personal data collected from Paidverts users:
    • Name, address, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, and, if you decide to make a purchase on the site, your credit card.
    • Payment details for withdrawing
  • Do they ever share user data with third parties? Yes. They say they may use the information for marketing purposes, which is a bit vague.
  • Do they protect user data? Yes, from their privacy policy: “We adopt appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to protect against unathorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your username, password, transaction information and data stored on our Site.”
  • Can you delete your account and data? Unclear. Try contacting

Is Paidverts Safe?

Paidverts seems generally safe in that it doesn’t ask for a ton of personal information. But, the ads you have to click on the platform sometimes do lead to sketchy-looking websites. Also, with the cash offers on the site, you’ll want to be careful as those are typically controlled by third parties, therefore they have different privacy policies.

One thing I found strange in PaidVerts privacy policy is that there were spelling mistakes, it didn’t seem fully finished (information seemed to be missing), and there was irrelevant information like a paragraph about hotel reservations (which PaidVerts doesn’t seem to have anything to do with).

In the end, I think it’s safe to earn money on Paidverts, but I wouldn’t deposit any money, just to be safe.

How Does Paidverts Work?

Paidverts sends out a set of paid ads every Monday-Friday. As a member, you can log in during these days, click your ads, and earn a few cents or more (depending on how many Bonus Ad Points you have in your account).

Bonus Ad Points

Bonus Ad Points (or BAP) are the backbone of Paidverts. Think of BAP as a sort of loyalty score. Each point is worth around $0.0005 and the more you have, the better you look to advertisers, which in turn means you can receive higher paying ads.

However, each time you receive a paid ad, some of your BAP is consumed, so you have to continually work to gain more points. For example, if you receive an ad worth $0.0005, you will lose 1 BAP. Higher paying ads consume more BAP. On top of that, there’s also a daily BAP tax of 100 BAP.

So how do you earn more BAP? Well, there are a few ways:

  • Viewing activation ads – These are just like paid ads except they award you with BAP and you’ll receive them every day of the week.
  • Completing daily tasks – Over time you’ll receive BAP as a reward for doing things like viewing a certain number of ads, being a member for a certain amount of time, completing a certain number of cash offers, etc.
  • Buying bulk ad packs (more info below) – Each time you buy a bulk ad pack, you’ll be credited with 2400 BAP. You’ll also have your daily BAP tax waived for 14 days.

As you accumulate BAP, you’ll slowly rank up into different BAP groups. The higher the group, the better paying ads you can expect to receive. Here’s a breakdown of the different BAP groups and the number of points you need for them:

Achievement Points

Achievement Points are similar to Bonus Ad Points. Having more AP showcases your activity on the platform and allows you to receive extra paid ads.

However, from my experience, gathering AP takes a while and it doesn’t really help you earn that much more either. I just read that the top 50% of users with the most AP only receive about $0.0005 extra worth of ads.

The bottom line?

If you’re going to join Paidverts, I wouldn’t sweat trying to rack up AP quickly. Just use the platform and you’ll naturally complete achievements and gain more points over time

Buying Ads (e.g. Bulk Ad Packs)

Just as you can click ads for money on Paidverts, you can also buy ads that others will click on. However, if you’re just in it to make money clicking ads, the only ad pack you need to worry about is Bulk Ads.

Bulk Ad Packs are special because each time you buy one, not only do you get to advertise something, but you also get 2400 BAP in your account and 14 days of no BAP tax.

Now, to buy a Bulk Ad Pack, it will cost you $1. But think about this: 2400 BAP is worth around $1.2 so you’re technically getting a return on your investment as long as you keep clicking your paid ads.

Also, even if you don’t think you have anything to advertise, it’s pretty easy to come up with something. Do you use another online earning site that has a referral program? Advertise that! Do you have a blog? Advertise that!

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you advertise as you’re mostly buying the ad packs for the extra BAP.


Paidverts offers a paid membership for users who want to receive some extra perks. It starts at $5 a month and if you decide to join, you get these perks:

  • 3 micro ad pack chances every day
  • Recycle upgrade will last until you earn at least $2 instead of $1
  • Smaller fee for sending BAP to a referral
  • Click grid is free
  • More forum abilities
  • Extra banner impressions on bulk ad packs
  • Membership badge

I can’t really say whether the membership is worth it as I haven’t tried it myself, but personally, I wouldn’t pay $5/month for those perks.

Recycle Upgrade

The recycle upgrade on Paidverts sounds great at first: You pay $0.05 and the upgrade stays active until you receive $1 or more worth of recycled ads (a recycled ad is an ad another user either missed or didn’t want).

The problem?

Well, I personally purchased a the recycle upgrade about 2 months ago as of writing this, and I’ve only received $0.063 worth of ads from it. So yeah, you pay $0.05 to get $1 or more, it just might take a few years to actually get that $1.

Cash Offers

The Cash Offers in Paidverts include paid activities like surveys, tasks, app downloads, and other ways to earn extra money. These typically pay pretty well compared to clicking ads but in my experience, some of the tasks can still take a long time to complete.

Still, if you want to boost up your earnings quickly in order to buy Bulk Ad Packs to increase your BAP, the cash offers are the way to go.

Click Grid

The Click Grid is a little game on Paidverts where you click random squares, watch an ad, and have the chance to win up to $100/1,000,000 BAP. It’s a big game of chance.

The catch is that each click you make costs 1 BAP (unless you’re a Paidverts member). I wasted some BAP on the grid when I first signed up and never won anything. I’d recommend staying away from the Click Grid.


The “Games” section is another Paidverts area that I’d recommend steering clear from. Instead of paying you to play games, all of the games on Paidverts are mostly games of chance designed to get you to gamble away your BAP. Even the version of Minesweeper that they offer sucks.

Recycle Time Upgrade

By default, once a paid ad is issued to your account, you have 18 hours to click it before it gets recycled. If you want more time, you can buy the Recycle Time Upgrade to extend that 18hrs to 24, 48, or 72 hours. The upgrade lasts for 365 days or 730 days, depending on which one you buy.

I like the idea of this upgrade option, but in my opinion, it’s way too expensive. For the cheapest option, a 24hr upgrade for 365 days, it will cost you a whopping $19.99.

Super User Upgrade

The Super User Upgrades basically give you priority access to higher-paying ads. And yes, I said upgrades because there are two different versions:

  • Mini upgrade – Costs $2.99 and give you priority access to ads ranging from $0.01 to $0.49
  • Mega upgrade – Costs $19.99 and gives you priority access to ads ranging from $0.50+

Each of the upgrades lasts a minimum of 7 days but if you don’t earn your initial investment back in that time, the upgrade gets extended another 7 days.

I never earned enough money to test these upgrades but if they actually deliver quickly (unlike the recycle upgrade) they seem like a decent deal since you’re guaranteed your initial investment back.


If you’re tired of receiving ads worth fractions of a penny, you can purchase the Ad Filter for $10. Once you buy it, it lasts forever, and you can adjust the filter free of charge.

Note that filtering low-value ads will not make you receive higher paying ads.

Referring Friends

If you know someone who may be interested in using Paidverts to earn extra cash, you can refer them to the site with your unique referral link. Once they become your referral, you’ll earn 5% of all their ad clicks (e.g. if they click a $0.10 ad, you’ll receive $0.005).

You’ll also earn a 10% commission when they purchase ads (e.g. if they buy $100 worth of ads, you’ll get $10 commission).

Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode allows you to stop receiving ads temporarily in order to protect your BAP. It costs $1.99 or 10,000 BAP to activate.

Cashing Out

Paidverts offers quite a few different ways to cash out, but unfortunately, none of them are PayPal. Here’s what they offer currently:

  • Payza
  • Perfect Money
  • Solid Trust Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • NetellerGo
  • OKPay
  • Payeer

For most of the options above, you’ll need to earn at least $1 before you’re able to cash out.

Paidverts App

The Paidverts App allows you to watch your ads on the go just in case you don’t have access to a computer. For example, if you go on vacation without a computer and you don’t have the money for the vacation mode upgrade, you can still click your ads through the mobile app. This can save you a lot of BAP that would otherwise go to waste.

However, I wouldn’t recommend using the app as your primary way of clicking ads. I’ve found it to be a bit glitchy and it takes longer to go through the ads in the app.

Still, it’s nice to see that Paidverts has an app at all as it’s one of the only PTC sites I’ve seen with one.

Note: I can’t find the Paidverts app on the app store anymore. It may have been discontinued.

The Paidverts Review Test (Earning Potential Results)

In order to write an accurate Paidverts review, I figured I should really test out the platform for myself first. And hey, making a bit of money clicking ads in the process didn’t seem like a bad thing either.

I thought it would be fun. Boy was I wrong.

Here’s how my test went:

Day 1-17

  • Day 1: Earned 0.02377 from clicking ads. Tried Clicksgrid and didn’t get anything then I realized it was costing me BAP and I stopped trying (spent about 30 minutes this day)
  • Day 2: Earned $0.00426 from the paid ads :/ Did some cash offers and earned $0.0585. Completed one other cash offer for 81 cents ending at $0.8685 (spent about 1.5 hours this day)
  • Day 3: Realized I should probably be recording my BAP since it’s pretty important. Wasted a bit on clicks grid and games on day 1 and 2 but starting day 3 with 284. After viewing ads I’m at $0.89841 and 380 BAPS (took less than 10 minutes) Completed an 18-minute survey for 15 cents. Ending off at $1.04841
  • Day 4: After viewing ads I earned $0.0014 and 55 BAPS. Had a really weird problem today with the site randomly redirecting to other sites that were blank pages. Super frustrating.
  • Day 5: Missed a day and lost 109 BAPS, earned 21 BAPS and $0.0009 today (less than 10 mins)
  • Day 6: Tried out the Paidverts app today, it was nice and easy to use. Ending off today with 494 BAPS and $1.05306. Not earning a lot right now but trying to get my BAP up as I’ve learned that lets you get higher-paying ads. Also, I need 2,500 BAPS to be eligible for the recycled ads upgrade which costs $0.05. (less than 10 mins)
  • Day 7: So I learned that you apparently don’t get paid ads on Saturday and Sunday. I still got a couple but that’s it. Earned 60 BAP today (less than 10 mins)
  • Day 8: After viewing ads I’m at $1.05632 and 510 BAP (took less than 5 mins). Since I have over $1 in my account I bought a bulk ads pack which got me 2400 more BAP and into the next group. I’m now at 2910 BAP. I am now also free from the BAP tax for 14 days since I bought an ad.
  • Day 9: Now that I’m in a higher BAP group I think I’m getting more ads. Earned 123 BAP and $0.0205 so I definitely earned more (took about 10 minutes to view all the ads)
  • Day 10: Earned 125 BAP and $0.0195 today. I’m at $0.09633 and 3155 BAP
  • Day 11: Having some troubles watching my ads today, they’re loading really slow even though my internet is fine. I’ll try again later. Cleared my cache and cookies which might have fixed the issue as ads are working now. Ending off today at $0.11681 and 3277 BAP.
  • Day 12: Earned 2 cents today and 133 BAP bringing me to 3408 BAP and $0.13681 (took around 8 minutes)
  • Day 13: Forgot to go on
  • Day 14: Earned 116 BAP and $0.0085 ending off at $0.14431 and 3503 BAP
  • Day 15: Earned $0.0214 and 89 BAP
  • Day 16: Earned $0.0219 and 88 BAP
  • Day 17: Got a 6 cent ad today! (That was the highest paying ad I ever got) In total, I somehow lost 13 BAP and made $0.0703

At this point, I was basically just grinding out the paid ads every morning saving up for more bulk ad packs to increase my BAP.

Day 18-95

  • Day 18 – Day 56: Earned around $0.399 and 1,099 BAP
  • Day 57: Earned $0.0095 and 39 BAP. Going to buy the Recycle Upgrade, currently at $0.68554 and 5103 BAP, upgrade costs $0.05.
  • Day 58: Earned $0.0095 and 39 BAP. Haven’t got any extra ads from the recycle upgrade yet.
  • Day 59: Earned $0.0100 and 39 BAP
  • Day 60: Earned $0.01 and 38 BAP. Still nothing from the recycle upgrade.
  • Day 61 – Day 95: Earned $0.3478 and 1,234 BAP

At the end of day 95, I had just over $1 which is enough to cash out, so I cashed out my earnings to Litecoin. I was glad to be done with the site.


I basically spent 95 days of working on Paidverts (over 20 hours at least) to earn less than a dollar. My highest paying ad was $0.06.

Note that I did miss a few days here and there so that made me lose some BAP, but still, that’s a sad amount of money for the time put in.

Paidverts Payment Proof

After spending 95 days and multiple hours on Paidverts, I am now rich beyond my wildest dreams…not. I did cash out an entire $1 through Litecoin though using my Coinbase account. Here’s my payment proof:

As you can see, after fees my $1 was reduced to a measly $0.70.

Review and Rating Breakdown

  • Earning Potential

  • Work Volume

  • Payout Options

  • Payout Minimum

  • Payout Speed

  • Accessibility

  • Support

  • Usability  


It’s possible to make money on Paidverts, and the entire site is an interesting concept, but I really can’t recommend it to anyone. It doesn’t pay enough, the mechanics of the site make it very grindy, and even if you earn some money, you may have troubles cashing out.


Earning Potential 0.5/5

Most Paidverts users will make less than $1/hour from my experience.

Work Volume 3/5

New Paidverts ads are sent daily. Other money-making opportunities (like cash offers) are also available daily.

Payout Options 3/5

Paidverts doesn’t offer PayPal, and the similar options they do offer (like Payeer, Perfect Money, etc.) are less-known and some have some not-so-great reviews on Google. Bitcoin and Litecoin are nice options though.

Payout Minimum 4.5/5

A $1 payout minimum is almost as good as it gets. Unfortunately though, if you rely strictly on paid ads, it’ll take you a long time to even reach that.

Payout Speed 3/5

My Litecoin payment arrived on the same day I requested it, but that’s not always the case. Payments can take up to 7 days.

Accessibility 4/5

Paidverts is open internationally to anyone 16 or older, and it requires no special skills, so it’s pretty accessible.

Support 2/5

I’ve never had to contact Paidverts support personally, but online reviews show that they can be slow or even unresponsive.

Usability 0.5/5

The site works decently, although the popup ads can be annoying and sometimes buggy. The app has some bugs as well. Some of the ads link to sketchy-looking sites as well. And the cherry on top is the inactivity fees that will eat up your earnings and progress on the site if you don’t log on and click your ads every day.

My Honest Thoughts About Paidverts

After using Paidverts for almost 100 days, I think I understand pretty well how it works.

For the owners of the business, it seems like a great model. But for the users? For the users, it seems pretty bad.

Basically, Paidverts prides themselves on the BAP mechanic and boasts it as a loyalty score that will eventually earn you higher paying ads. But, from my experience, the BAP mechanic works more as a way to get you to watch ads for super low payouts, hoping that one day you might have enough to earn a decent amount on the site.

The problem is, it seems like it would take years of watching ads and buying ad packs before you actually earn enough BAP to get the higher paying ads.

Now sure, you could complete the cash offers or invest money in order to buy bulk ad packs to increase your BAP faster, but the whole appeal of this site (in my opinion) is the paid ads, so that sort of defeats the purpose. If I wanted to fill out surveys, I’d go to one of these top survey sites that are more dedicated to that. Or, I’d go to a reliable GPT site like PrizeRebel or Swagbucks (find more of the best GPT sites).

And finally, my last point:

Who even knows how much the “higher paying” ads actually pay? What if you invest your time and money getting to a super high BAP level only to find out the ads still pay like shite?

Not worth the risk in my opinion.

Paidverts Pros and Cons

The Good

  • It’s easy money – Clicking ads takes no skill or even much concentration. I was clicking my ads usually when I was still half asleep.
  • Payouts are fast – I can’t speak for all of the payment methods, but I cashed out my money through Litecoin and I received it the same day I requested it.
  • There’s a Paidverts app – As I talked about above, this is really nice to have for a PTC site, even though it is a bit glitchy sometimes.
  • It’s easy to get started – When you sign up for Paidverts and create your account they give you a thorough tutorial to show you how the site works and everything is pretty straightforward.

The Bad

  • You need to log in every day – If you can’t afford the vacation upgrade on your account, you need to log in and click your ads every Mon-Fri or else you could lose a lot of BAP.
  • Most ads pay less than half a cent – A lot of the ads I received were paying $0.0005 or less which is just a big waste of time (this could be because I was in a low BAP group). You can get the ad filter to block these out but it costs 10 bucks.
  • No PayPal payment option – Not a big deal but still inconvenient for someone like me who uses PayPal for most online earning sites.
  • You need a ton of BAP to earn anything significant – This whole system revolves around BAP and without completing cash offers and buying bulk ad units it takes forever to accumulate a significant amount.
  • Pop-up ads – A lot of the ads I clicked during my test triggered pop-up ads which are typically fine, but still a bit annoying.

How to Get Started on Paidverts

If you still want to try Paidverts out for yourself, you can sign up hereMake sure you put in an accurate date of birth (or one you can remember) because you can’t change it later and you need it to cash out.

After you create your account you’ll be walked through how the platform works and you should also receive some introductory BAP to get started with.

Paidverts Strategy: How to Use Paidverts Optimally

If you’re braving Paidverts even after reading my review, here’s a simple but effective Paidverts strategy you can try out:

  1. Log in and click your ads every single day. While there are no paid ads on weekends, you can still get activation ads for BAP so don’t forget those.
  2. Do cash offers if you can to boost your earnings faster.
  3. Save up $1 and then buy a Bulk Ads Pack.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

This is the strategy that I pretty much used, except I only did cash offers at the beginning of my journey.

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