Pariraksha Scheme: Empowering Differently-Abled Individuals in Times of Crisis


People living with disabilities face numerous challenges in their daily lives due to physical or mental impairments. These obstacles often result in isolation, social marginalization, and discrimination, exacerbating their struggles. In recognition of the unique needs and vulnerabilities of this population, the Social Justice Department has launched a groundbreaking initiative called the Pariraksha scheme.

Objective: Providing Comprehensive Support

The Pariraksha scheme aims to provide assistance to needy individuals with disabilities who find themselves in crises or emergency situations. Without adequate support, these circumstances can have severe consequences on their physical and psychological well-being.

Government Support and Allocation of Funds

In a significant demonstration of commitment, the Government of Kerala has allocated Rs. 70,00,000/- to address the challenges faced by differently-abled individuals, as per G.O (Rt) No.310/2018/SJD dated 25-05-2018.

Comprehensive Assistance and Services

The Pariraksha scheme encompasses a wide array of support mechanisms and services to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities during emergencies. Immediate medical assistance, emergency transportation, psychological counseling, rehabilitation support, and access to assistive devices are among the vital services offered. The scheme also emphasizes social inclusion and advocates for the rights and dignity of differently-abled individuals.

Collaborative Approach

The successful implementation of the Pariraksha scheme hinges on effective collaboration between various stakeholders, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and healthcare professionals. Through joint efforts, these entities establish an efficient and coordinated system that can promptly respond to the needs of differently-abled individuals during emergencies.

Monitoring and Evaluation for Continuous Improvement

To ensure optimal utilization of resources, the Pariraksha scheme incorporates a robust monitoring and evaluation mechanism. Regular assessments of the program’s impact, transparent financial management, and beneficiary feedback enable identification of areas for improvement. These evaluations allow the scheme to evolve continuously and better serve the needs of the target group.

Guidelines for the implementation of the Project

A supervisory committee should be established in each district consisting of the following members.

  • Collector / District Representative – Chairman
  • District Social Justice Officer – Responsible
  • District Medical Officer/Representative – Member
  • County Crime Records Bureau (Dy.SP) – Member
  • DLSA Representative – Member
  • 2 members of Handicap association – Member

(1) Service must be catered to all differently abled persons irrespective of gender (Male/Female/Transgender).

(2) BPL category limit should not be considered.

(3) The fund can be utilized for catering the needs such as emergency surgeries, first aid, ambulance service, food and clothing, etc.

(4) The fund can be utilized for medical examination, rehabilitation and institutionalization of destitute, wandering and bereaved disabled persons.

(5) It can also be used for providing emergency medical assistance and food for differently abled persons who are victims of natural calamities.

(6) The fund can also be utilized for providing emergency medical aid for Persons with Disabilities who are victims of acid attacks and life-threatening burns.

(7) This scheme can only be availed by those who have 40 % or more disability and who submit disability certificate.

(8) The service of Private hospitals can be utilized for administering first aid treatments. But in case of expert medical treatment, an expert opinion has to be sought from Government hospital.


The Pariraksha scheme serves as a beacon of hope for differently-abled individuals, offering vital support during times of crisis. By addressing the immediate needs of this vulnerable population, the scheme strives to enhance their overall well-being and foster inclusivity in society. With its commitment to empowerment, the Pariraksha scheme enables differently-abled individuals to overcome obstacles and lead fulfilling lives, free from the detrimental effects of crises and emergencies.

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