Part Time Income by using WhatsApp and Facebook

Hi Friends, Every one interested to make money through facebook and whatsapp, here you can see how to do that ? Adfly one of the most popular earning site in the world, millions of peoples using the same, if you interested join now…

AdFly is a URL shortening service which pays you to share your link.

Ok, it sounds great so let me explain:

There are many URL shortening sites on the internet. You can copy paste any link to these sites and you will get a smaller and more attractive link. Many bloggers and online marketers use shortened links on social media.

AdFly is different because every time you click a link that is shortened on this site, you will see an advertisement and the person who shared the link will earn a few cents. On average, you earn $2 per 1000 views. It depends on the country of your visitors. Traffic from USA, Canada, and England can bring you more money than other countries while traffic from Asia or Africa is worth less than $1 per 1000 views.

To earn money from a visitor, he/she must wait five seconds to see the advertisement before he closes the page or goes to the next one.

AdFly is a legit company, there is no doubt about that. It will pay you on time, has over a million members and thousands of them are active. You can check on the forum some discussions, strategies, payment proofs and more.

Also, you can buy traffic to send to your site. It costs only $1-$5 per 1000 visitors. This is why they pay for your traffic. There are advertisers that are willing to promote their products to your visitors.

Minimum payout 5$ to ur paypal account, payment will process on every 1st day of the month.

Having any doubt feel to free contact with me 9388939394.

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