PM DAKSH Yojana – Empowerment and Employment through Skill Development – 2024



In a rapidly evolving global landscape, characterized by technological advancements, shifting job markets, and dynamic skill requirements, the empowerment and employment of the youth emerge as critical imperatives.

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Recognizing this imperative and the transformative potential of skill development, the Government of India has launched the PM DAKSH Yojana, a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering socially and educationally marginalized communities, fostering skill development, and catalyzing sustainable employment opportunities.

Unveiling PM DAKSH Yojana: A Beacon of Hope and Opportunity

PM DAKSH Yojana stands as a testament to the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive growth, bridging socio-economic disparities, and unlocking the latent potential of the youth. Tailored to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of backward classes, Scheduled Castes (SCs), Other Backward Classes (OBCs), Economically Backward Classes (EBCs), Denotified Tribes (DNTs), and marginalized communities, the scheme embodies the spirit of inclusivity, empowerment, and transformation.

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Fostering Skill Development: A Panacea for Unemployment

Central to the PM DAKSH Yojana is its robust focus on skill development, recognizing it as a potent catalyst for individual empowerment, economic prosperity, and national growth. Through a meticulously crafted curriculum, participants are equipped with industry-relevant skills, technical expertise, and soft skills, ensuring their seamless integration into the workforce and their sustained employability in a competitive job market.

  1. One-Click Accessibility: Harnessing Technology for Outreach

In a digital age characterized by connectivity and accessibility, PM DAKSH Yojana leverages technology to democratize access to information and resources. The scheme’s dedicated portal serves as a comprehensive repository, offering users a one-click access to information about nearby skill training centers, courses, eligibility criteria, and stipends, fostering informed decision-making and maximizing outreach.

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  1. Innovative Attendance Mechanisms: Ensuring Accountability and Transparency

In its pursuit of excellence and accountability, PM DAKSH Yojana incorporates innovative attendance mechanisms, utilizing advanced biometric technologies such as face and eye scanning. This ensures real-time monitoring, accurate record-keeping, and transparency, fostering a conducive learning environment and ensuring the optimal utilization of resources.

Tailored Training Modules: Catering to Diverse Needs and Aspirations

PM DAKSH Yojana offers a diverse array of training modules, catering to the unique needs, aspirations, and skill levels of its participants. Whether it’s up-skilling, re-skilling, short-term training, or entrepreneurship development, the scheme offers a tailored curriculum, comprehensive training, and lucrative stipends, ensuring a holistic and rewarding learning experience.

  1. Up-skilling/Re-skilling: A comprehensive program spanning 35 to 60 hours, participants are equipped with advanced skills, technical expertise, and industry-relevant certifications, ensuring their enhanced employability and upward mobility.
  2. Short Term Training: Spanning 300 hours over three months, this intensive training module focuses on equipping participants with specialized skills, fostering entrepreneurship, and facilitating job placements, with participants receiving a stipend of Rs. 22,000.
  3. Entrepreneurship Development Programme: Recognizing the pivotal role of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and fostering innovation, this 90-hour program empowers participants with the requisite knowledge, skills, and resources to establish and scale their ventures, with a stipend of Rs. 7,000.
  4. Long Term Training: A rigorous seven-month program encompassing 650 hours, participants undergo comprehensive training, hands-on experience, and industry exposure, ensuring their seamless transition into the professional world, with a stipend of Rs. 45,000.

Empowering Lives, Transforming Futures: PM DAKSH Yojana’s Impact

Since its inception in 2020-21, PM DAKSH Yojana has emerged as a beacon of hope, empowerment, and transformation, touching the lives of countless individuals and communities. With 1,07,120 persons trained and an impressive 77,237 persons successfully employed between 2020-21 to 2022-23, the scheme’s impact is palpable, profound, and far-reaching.

Strategic Collaboration and Expansion: Paving the Way for Future Success

Central to PM DAKSH Yojana’s success is its strategic collaboration with government and private training institutes, fostering synergy, innovation, and excellence in skill development. With 28 government and 84 private training institutes empaneled for the year 2023-24, the scheme’s footprint is set to expand, encompassing 411 districts, including 82 aspirational districts, and fostering a transparent, inclusive, and equitable allocation process.

Conclusion: PM DAKSH Yojana – A Catalyst for Inclusive Growth and Empowerment

In conclusion, PM DAKSH Yojana stands as a transformative initiative, redefining the contours of skill development, employment generation, and socio-economic empowerment. By fostering inclusivity, leveraging technology, and prioritizing excellence, the scheme embodies the government’s vision of a prosperous, empowered, and resilient India, where every individual has the opportunity to realize their potential, contribute meaningfully to society, and embark on a journey of growth, prosperity, and fulfillment. As PM DAKSH Yojana continues to evolve, innovate, and expand its horizons, it promises to be a steadfast partner in India’s journey towards equitable development, inclusive growth, and sustainable prosperity.

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