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About Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is the act of building a strategy and the usage of processes which might be all geared in the direction of growing your audience and cognizance. We regularly get requested, how can I grow my podcast? And the first aspect that we need to establish is that growth takes time. Podcasting is a protracted-term play, especially podcast marketing.

1) Generate Quality content

Podcast marketing isn’t a one-length-suits-all recreation. A approach that floods hundreds of downloads for one display may be a sluggish drip for some other.
Hold variety in mind whilst charting out a marketing strategy and notice what sticks. You’ll ought to go through trial and error on the start, figuring out what works and on which channels. Testing new thoughts, distinct messaging angles.

All are wished and for high-quality content. Deliver the first precedence for this stage.

2) Release at least 3 episodes on launch day

In case you haven’t launched your podcast yet, create at the least 3 episodes before you release. In case you don’t have a few episodes for brand new listeners to discover, there’s a very good danger they won’t end up invested and will likely neglect approximately you.

On-line business coach pat Flynn recommends posting three to 5 episodes at launch so new listeners can binge a piece. “I certainly obtained poor opinions from folks that had listened to the first episode and have been disappointed that there was most effective one,” he says.

3) Connection with other podcasters

Promoting a podcast properly method staying on top of recent thoughts, traits, and techniques. The fine manner to preserve yourself informed is with the aid of joining a network of other podcasters. They will give you assist, offer help, and talk new ways to promote your podcasts. In case you invest your self absolutely in a network, it is able to grow to be one of your pleasant assets.

Here are a few communities to discover to learn how to raise your podcast marketing:

  • Podcast Hackers
  • /r/podcasts
  • Podcasters’ Support Group
  • Podcasting Technology Resource Group
  • The New York Times Podcast Club
  • Podcasting (Meetup)
  • Producing Podcasts (Apple)
  • Podcasters’ Hangout

4) Make a value in online communities

There are thousands and thousands of conversations taking place on fb, Quora, reddit, and twitter in all likelihood around the subject matter of your podcast. One in every of your episodes may want to upload fee to the discussion and introduce the show to new listeners.

Seek each platform for threads and forums related to your show. When you find a few companies with enough engagement, start adding your cost. However take into account. This strategy takes tact. First cognizance on solely being part of the verbal exchange with out selling your display. Virtually being part of the network may be beneficial while a the right put up to sell yourself does come along. If you come off as too promotional, your podcast advertising will appear to be, properly, advertising.

5) Record a tagline with your guest

Have you ever ever heard a celebrity plug a radio station? “I’m Taylor speedy and I really like kis108.” you could do the equal with your podcast visitors. These make high-quality teasers without revealing the episode’s content material, mainly in case your visitors are well-known for your target audience. (seasoned tip: sew all of those plugs together to make intro.)

6) Add value on social media

Social media is a superb way to connect with new human beings to develop your target audience. But quite a few hosts use social media is an marketing platform. They really announce their new episodes, sell their promotions, push their products, and put it on the market for his or her sponsors.

As opposed to announcing a brand new episode on your selected social media profile, open a dialogue into the subject. Ask the network what they think about the subject or what else they know. Put the focus on them in preference to you.

Part of including price additionally manner giving some matters away. Don’t fear – you don’t have to reveal your episode’s big secret/lesson/tale, but it’s smart to give your subscriber’s some thing that famous simply how tons value they’ll get out of the whole episode.


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