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Postal services play a crucial role in connecting people and facilitating communication across vast geographical regions. However, despite the extensive network of over 1.5 lakh post offices in India, there are still areas where postal facilities are lacking. To bridge this gap and bring postal services to more people, the Post Office Franchise Scheme has been introduced. This scheme aims to establish franchise outlets and engage postal agents to extend postal services in underserved areas. In this essay, we will explore the details and benefits of the Post Office Franchise Scheme, including eligibility criteria, investment requirements, earning opportunities, and the application process.

Bringing Postal Facilities to Underserved Areas:

The primary objective of the Post Office Franchise Scheme is to ensure that postal facilities are accessible to a wider population by establishing franchise outlets in areas where such services are currently unavailable. This initiative aims to address the needs of both urban and rural areas, enabling individuals to benefit from postal services such as sending and receiving mail, money orders, and speed post.

Types of Post Office Franchise:

The Post Office Franchise Scheme offers two options for individuals interested in participating: the Franchise Outlet and the Franchise Postal Agent. A Franchise Outlet involves setting up a dedicated postal facility, while a Franchise Postal Agent operates within an existing establishment, delivering postal services alongside their primary operations.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements:

To apply for the Post Office Franchise Scheme, applicants must be Indian citizens below the age of 30. However, individuals from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes (OBCs) can apply even if they are above 30 years old. The minimum educational qualification required is a pass certificate in 10th grade, and preference is given to candidates with computer knowledge. It is important to note that current Postal Department employees or their family members are ineligible to apply for the franchise scheme.

Investment and Space Requirements:

For individuals interested in opening a post office outlet as part of the franchise, a security deposit of Rs. 5,000 is required. The security deposit may increase based on the income generated. Additionally, a minimum building space of 200 square feet is necessary for setting up a Franchise Outlet. On the other hand, Franchise Postal Agents do not need to provide a security deposit but can still offer a range of post office services within their existing establishment.

Earning Opportunities:

Under the Post Office Franchise Scheme, earnings are based on a commission basis, determined by the services rendered and the sales generated from the franchise outlet. The commission structure varies depending on the specific service provided. For instance, for each registered post, a commission of Rs. 3 is earned, while for Speed Post, the commission is Rs. 5. Money orders ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 yield a commission of Rs. 3.50, and money orders exceeding Rs. 200 offer a commission of Rs. 5. Additionally, if an agent successfully completes 1,000 Speed Post and registered post transactions in a month, they receive an additional 20% commission. Furthermore, a 5% commission is offered on the sale of postal stamps and other items.

Income Potential and Growth:

The initial income from the franchise outlet depends on the number of customers and the volume of transactions. It can range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 80,000 per month. Since the earnings are commission-based, individuals have the opportunity to increase their income by actively engaging with customers and expanding their clientele. The more transactions and services provided, the greater the earning potential.

Application Process and Agreement:

Interested individuals can obtain the application form for the Post Office Franchise Scheme from the official website of India Post. Once downloaded, the form should be completed and submitted to the nearest post office. Before submitting the application, it is essential to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions associated with the scheme. If the application is accepted, those starting a franchise outlet are required to sign an agreement with the postal department, outlining the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of both parties. However, postal agents are exempt from signing such an agreement.


The Post Office Franchise Scheme serves as a catalyst for expanding postal services and making them more accessible to a larger segment of the population. By establishing franchise outlets and engaging postal agents, this initiative aims to bring postal facilities to underserved areas in both urban and rural regions of India. With its commission-based earning model, the scheme provides individuals with an opportunity to generate income based on the services they offer and the sales they generate. By actively participating in the franchise scheme, individuals can contribute to the growth and development of postal services while enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship.

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