Raleigh ranks no. 1 as high-quality city to start online business; Charlotte is no. 2

A brand new observe ranks Raleigh no. 1 and Charlotte no. 2 as the first-class towns across the U.S. To launch a web business.

The document – from business centurylink.com – taken into consideration an expansion of standards starting from taxes to satisfactory of lifestyles, net access and business surroundings.

A latest document from the N.C. State treasurers office lately pronounced that the launching of recent organizations across north Carolina is setting a torrid tempo.

Here’s a take a look at the CenturyLink record and what it had to mention approximately the top10 cities:

1. Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is a part of north Carolina’s studies triangle, a area located in the middle of NC. In step with their website, the research triangle is defined as a “… place that is domestic to a number of the quickest-developing companies and communities within the global.”

2. Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is known as “the banking capital” as it’s miles the house of financial institution of the USA HQ and the wells Fargo east coast division, and is diagnosed by the wide variety of fintech agencies centered inside the city.

3. Austin, TX

Austin has a populace of 1,028,225. It’s far the 4th largest town in Texas, the tenth biggest town within the us, and it’s regarded for the slogan “hold Austin bizarre”.

4. Seattle, WA

Seattle became named the #1 best city for business for 2 consecutive years (2018 and 2019) via Forbes mag. The metropolis is domestic to 2 of the wealthiest humans on earth, amazon founder jeff Bezos and Microsoft co-founder bill gates.

5. San Antonio, TX

Texas has one of the friendliest tax environments in the us and doesn’t have a private or corporate profits tax. A number of the great companies positioned in san Antonio are H-E-B, Prologis, ServiceNow, frost bank, and Pearson.

6. Richmond, VA

In line with Forbes magazine, Richmond’s economic system is in general driven by law, finance, and government, with federal, state, and nearby companies placed in the downtown location. Richmond was ranked #9 at the satisfactory of lifestyles index.

7. Dallas, TX

In 2019, Forbes mag ranked the town #2 for great places for business and careers and in 2020 as one of the first-class places to retire. Some of the satisfactory agencies in Dallas are AT&T, Frito-Lay, and Texas instruments.

8. Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida has a population of 939,717. It’s the largest town in Florida and the 14th largest metropolis inside the us as a whole, Florida ranks #4 in the tax weather index.

9. Madison, WI

Madison, WI ranks #6 on the fine of lifestyles index. Wisconsin received a grade of a- within the 2020 virtual states survey. The populace of the metropolis is 265,158, it’s the 2nd largest metropolis in Wisconsin and the 86th biggest metropolis within the US

10. Oklahoma city, OK

The 2022 tax foundation launched that 3 payments were signed in may additionally 2022 to lessen Oklahoma’s character and company profits tax costs. The tax bracket will lower by 0.25 percent points. The company earnings tax can also be reduced from 6% to 4%.


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