SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit – 10 Things Know About SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit (SGRTD)

SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit

State Bank of India (SBI), the nation’s largest bank, has introduced a groundbreaking fixed deposit scheme – the SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit (SGRTD). This initiative is strategically designed to mobilize funds that support and propel environment-friendly initiatives and projects, thereby contributing to the growth of a robust green finance ecosystem within India.

1.Inclusivity Across Customer Segments

The SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit scheme opens its doors to a diverse range of investors, including resident individuals, non-individuals, and NRI customers. This inclusivity reflects the bank’s commitment to making sustainable finance accessible to all.

SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit

2. Flexible Tenors for Varied Financial Goals

Investors are granted the flexibility to tailor their investment horizon with three distinct tenors – 1111 days, 1777 days, and 2222 days. This feature empowers individuals to align their investments with specific financial objectives.

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3. Seamless Investment Processes

The scheme currently extends its accessibility through the bank’s extensive branch network and is slated to soon be available through digital channels such as YONO and Internet Banking Services (INB). This approach ensures a hassle-free and convenient investment experience for a wider audience.

4. Competitive Interest Rates for Retail Depositors

For retail deposits, the SGRTD offers attractive interest rates – 6.65% for tenors of 1111 days and 1777 days, and 6.40% for the 2222-day tenor. These rates position the SGRTD as an enticing option for individuals seeking both environmental impact and financial gain.

SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit

5. Bulk Deposit Interest Rates

The SGRTD also caters to bulk depositors, offering competitive interest rates of 6.15% for tenors of 1111 days and 1777 days, and 5.90% for the 2222-day tenor. This provides flexibility for various investment preferences.

6. Additional Benefits for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens, Staff, and Staff Senior Citizens enjoy an extra interest rate boost over the public rates. This exclusive benefit aligns with SBI’s commitment to cater to diverse customer segments, with NRI Senior Citizens and NRI Staff being the exceptions.

7. Pre-Mature Withdrawal Flexibility

Recognizing the dynamic financial landscape, SGRTD allows for pre-mature withdrawal, providing investors with the flexibility to adapt their investment strategy in response to changing circumstances.

8. Maturity Instructions in Line with Term Deposit Norms

Maturity instructions for SGRTD follow the standard protocols applicable to term deposits, ensuring a seamless and familiar process for investors.

SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit

9. Loan Facility Against Deposits

A distinctive feature of SGRTD is the availability of a loan or overdraft facility against the deposit. This provision enhances liquidity for investors while maintaining the security of their investment.

10. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Compliance

In adherence to income tax rules, the scheme incorporates TDS, ensuring compliance and transparency in financial transactions.

In essence, the SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit emerges not only as a prudent financial investment but also as a catalyst for sustainable development. As investors seek avenues that align with their values and contribute to environmental well-being, SGRTD stands as a commendable initiative by SBI, marking a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable financial future.

SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit

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