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In the world of investments, uncovering multibagger stocks that deliver exponential returns is the ultimate goal for investors. This story revolves around a seasoned investor who has a remarkable track record of discovering hidden gems in the stock market. In the June quarter, this astute investor made strategic moves by adding two promising stocks, Centrum Electronics Limited and Kokuyo Camlin Limited, to his already well-diversified portfolio. Additionally, he further increased his holdings in Aurum Proptech, Kerala Ayurveda, and Duroply Industries, cementing his position in these potential winners. As per the available information, his current portfolio consists of 18 shares valued at a staggering Rs 206.9 crore. This essay delves into the journey of this investor, his prudent investment decisions, and the remarkable growth of his portfolio.

1. The Investor’s Remarkable Track Record

The seasoned investor has earned a reputation in the financial markets for unearthing multibagger stocks that deliver exceptional returns. His investment strategies are characterized by extensive research, thorough due diligence, and an eye for hidden potential in relatively undervalued stocks. Over the years, he has built a reputation as a shrewd investor, consistently outperforming the market and delivering substantial wealth to his portfolio.

2. Strategic Additions to the Portfolio

In the June quarter, the investor made strategic additions to his already impressive portfolio. The two newly acquired stocks, Centrum Electronics Limited and Kokuyo Camlin Limited, have shown promising potential for significant growth. He made a bold move by buying 130,000 shares of Centrum Electronics, representing a 1% participation, with a total value of Rs 19.3 crore. Similarly, he acquired a 1% stake in Kokuyo Camlin by purchasing 1,010,100 shares worth Rs 16.2 crore.

3. Increasing Holdings in Potential Winners

Apart from adding new stocks to his portfolio, the investor also increased his holdings in existing companies that he believes have strong growth prospects. In Aurum Proptech, the investor already had a 2% stake as of March 2023. However, he further boosted his position, increasing his holdings by 1.4% to 3.4% in the June quarter. His holdings now amount to 2,410,000 shares valued at Rs 30.7 crore.

Similarly, in Kerala Ayurveda, the investor held a 1.9% stake as of the last March quarter. Undeterred by this position, he increased his holdings by 1.3% to 3.2% in the June quarter. The investor now possesses 336,000 shares worth Rs 3.9 crore in this promising company.

Lastly, in Duroply Industries, the investor held an impressive 6.8% stake as of March 2023. Not content with this already substantial holding, he raised his stake by 0.2% to 7% in the June quarter. As a result, his portfolio now comprises 546,263 shares of Duroply Industries with a value of Rs 11.4 crore.

4. The Investor’s Diversified and Expanding Portfolio

With his astute investment decisions, the seasoned investor has curated a diversified and expanding portfolio. The inclusion of promising stocks from various sectors has enabled him to mitigate risks while capitalizing on potential growth opportunities. The portfolio’s current value stands at a staggering Rs 206.9 crore, a testament to the investor’s ability to identify lucrative investment prospects.


The story of the seasoned investor’s portfolio highlights the significance of thorough research, prudent investment decisions, and the courage to take calculated risks in the world of stock markets. By unearthing multibagger stocks and making strategic moves in the June quarter, this investor continues to outperform the market and build substantial wealth. His diversified and expanding portfolio is a testament to the success that can be achieved through a disciplined and well-researched approach to investing. As the investor’s journey unfolds, it serves as an inspiration for aspiring investors to navigate the complex world of financial markets with confidence and determination.

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