SilverClix 2023 : Legit or Scam ? (Full Details)

SilverClix is a Paid-To-Click (PTC) website that promises to pay you for clicking ads and finishing other activities.

But is SilverClix respectable or a scam to live far from?

With so many percent web sites nowadays, you need to ensure it’s going to actually be worth your effort and time earlier than you be a part of a domain.

So, to answer that query proper away, sure, SilverClix is a reliable PTC web site. However this does not mechanically suggest you must emerge as a member.

You need to parent out if this web page is really really worth your time and effort. This SilverClix overview will tell you all you need to recognize about the website online, so that you can determine if it’s an excellent fit for you or no longer.

What is SilverClix and what does it offer?

As stated above, SilverClix is a PTC website online on the way to pay you for finishing gives and clicking advertisements.

It’s been around for quite a while now (hooked up in 2013), which indicates that it’s far probably feasible to earn as a member.

A domain that has been round this long ought to be doing some thing, for my part. But, it does now not imply it will always be a terrific use of a while.

So that it will get a clear image of this site’s incomes capacity and if it’s far well worth it, we need to take a closer have a look at how you may be able to earn from it.

1 – Clicking Advertisements

As predicted, you will be able to earn from clicking ads. This can be the top incomes choice you have there.
Once you finish the registration system, you’ll be able to log in to the member dashboard.

To view the advertisements you can click, simply click the earn cash tab and hit view ads. You will then see all the commercials you can click.

The technique is pretty easy. You click an advert and anticipate several seconds.

Afterward, you may then be credited with the reward promised.

Commonly, the PTC ad will simply redirect you to a website and you need to stay on that web site for a particular wide variety of seconds to get your praise.

There are 5 varieties of commercials in SilverClix and each one has a different reward variety. From what I have observed, their bonus commercials have better rewards ($0.001 per ad).

As you may see, the rewards for this aren’t very excessive however we are able to pass into extra information about the overall profits capacity later.

2 – Answer Quizzes

You may additionally earn rewards through answering quizzes on SilverClix.
To get to the quizzes segment, just click earn money again and hit quizzes. You may see all of the available quizzes you may take.

The hassle is, the supply of quizzes you may take will depend upon the united states where you stay. Some international locations have greater quiz possibilities than others (a terrific instance is america).

3– Paid Surveys

Completing surveys will even allow you to earn rewards.

When you click a survey provide, it will take you to the website online that offers the survey. You may should go through the registration system first earlier than you can answer surveys.

So, in reality, all it’s doing is referring you to a survey website and when you whole a survey, you’ll then obtain the reward that turned into promised to you (which is commonly lower than the actual praise you will get from the website you took the survey from).

In case you are already familiar with taking surveys from survey sites, then you will know what to do with this.

If no longer, then typically, you’ll need to solution pre-qualifying questions earlier than you could entire the actual survey.

After you qualify for the survey, you could then proceed to the real survey. If you do not qualify, you can simply flow on to the next survey you could take.

4 – Offer Walls

SilverClix additionally has provide partitions in which you may choose which offer to finish to be able to earn rewards.
This works greater like what you will count on from paid offers in get-paid-to web sites. Whilst you visit the offer wall, you’ll see numerous offers with particular rewards.

Just click which one you want and observe the commands of the offer to get hold of the praise. Commonly, a suggestion will ask you to both entire a survey, join up to a internet site or solution a quiz.

Regardless of the provide is, the main aspect you need to hold in thoughts is, you have to ensure you comply with the instructions to the letter to acquire the praise.

The gives indexed on the offer wall will come from different sites and not from SilverClix.

There are kinds of provide partitions you could get admission to in SilverClix, the everyday provide wall (which may be accessed under the earn cash tab) and the excessive paying gives, which has its personal tab.

Glaringly, the gives in the later have higher rewards. So, you would possibly want to prioritize that first if each making a decision to turn out to be a member.

5 – SilverGrid

Most PTC websites have a few shape of grid recreation you could play. In this case, it is called SilverGrid.
The idea is easy. Just click any grid you want and watch the advert so one can be displayed (usually takes up to ten seconds). Once you end looking the advert, the grid will open and monitor if you received the $2 prize or now not.

You may have 25 possibilities to open grids. It isn’t always a very powerful manner to earn, in my view. But then again, it simply doesn’t require much attempt.

6 – Flip The Coin

Turn the coin is some other way to earn rewards, although that is extra of a big gamble rather than a positive-hearth way of earning rewards.
Once more, the premise is quite simple. You just ought to pick heads or tails and bet a particular amount. If you guessed proper, you may get hold of the amount you’ve wagered. If now not, you will lose your guess.

It is a quite simple sport however it may be very addictive. This is why you have to workout restraint with this because don’t forget, you’ll have to use your profits to wager.

7 – Paid to Sign Up

Paid to Sign up or PTSU for quick is likewise another way so one can earn a chunk of money on SilverClix.
As recommended through the call, all you have to do is join up to a website to get the reward. You do should click a total of 150 ads first before you may see any offers.

Whilst doing the provide, you need to make certain you observe the commands carefully. As soon as you’ve got completed the signup manner, you have to submit proof of entirety to SilverClix.

Now, i am no longer positive the way you do that for the reason that there are not any extra instructions on their website. If i have been to bet, you’d have to ship a screenshot of the evidence final touch.

SilverClix will then have to verify with their advertiser if you absolutely finished the signup.

In trendy PTSU offers can be an excellent way to earn, but in my revel in, they hardly ever are on PTC web sites. Ordinarily the effort you want to do to earn makes it an inefficient use of time.

You might, on occasion, find an offer like this this is really worth it. But make certain to read the conditions earlier than starting as they regularly are sincerely now not really worth it.

8– Referral Program

SilverClix also has a referral application so as to will let you earn extra rewards.
The manner their referral software is dependent is, you could do it in 2 ways.

You can both get direct referrals, which is the regular way of referring a person where you invite a person directly. You can refer someone via embedding your banner advert in your website or giving your referral hyperlink to the person you want to invite.

You may get the referral link or the banner code in the banner phase of the member dashboard.

Any other manner to get referrals is to shop for or rent one. However why might you need to buy or rent a referral? Well, it’s pretty easy.

How do you get paid?

Proper from the begin, you may know how you’ll get paid. While you register as a member, the registration form will ask you to provide both a great cash, payeer, bitcoin or airtm account.

Which means silverclix will be capable of pay you using any of the four price gateways stated. One sizeable aspect inside the available fee techniques is paypal isn’t one of the options.

Paypal is incredibly taken into consideration because the maximum convenient approach of chickening out your profits. So, in case you are inquisitive about web sites as a way to allow you to withdraw through PayPal, I recommend you take a look at out the top survey web sites that pay thru PayPal.

How a good deal money can you are making?

PTC websites typically do not assist you to earn a whole lot of money.

Right here’s an editorial about the difference between PTC, GPT and survey websites. Before making a decision to become a member, I advise you read that first to recognize why PTC sites generally aren’t always the best use of time compared to some of the alternative loose options out there, in my opinion.

As for the query to hand, the amount of cash you can make from SilverClix will only depend on how energetic you’re at the web site. As you can see, the praise per advert clicked is actually very low.

It’ll take quite a few time to earn just $1. Although you may argue that it certainly does not too much attempt to click on an ad, but that isn’t always what’s vital.

You need to consider the time you spend viewing an ad so that you can get the reward. Allow me paint a image. Shall we say for example you earn $0.001 in step with ad you click and also you need to spend 10 seconds a good way to obtain the praise.

Can you use it on Mobile?

There is no mention on their website approximately a SilverClix app you can download for your mobile device. That means you may best be able to access their website from a mobile tool using a cell net browser.

The bad issue is, their website isn’t optimized for mobile use. You will must scroll left and proper simply to view all of the content. This makes it less handy to work on the activities offered.

Once you are capable of log in to their web site even though, there are a few gives in their offer walls that you can do in your mobile tool.

However all in all, the web site is high-quality accessed the use of a computer. So, make sure to aspect that during while making your choice.

Who can join SilverClix ?

Probably the maximum redeeming issue about SilverClix is that anyone can be part of their web page. You do not have to stay in a particular vicinity for you to sign up and turn out to be a member.

To emerge as a member, simply fill out the form shown within the photograph above.

You do now not want to click a affirmation hyperlink in your e-mail to finish the registration. As soon as you’ve got submitted the form, you are already a member of their site.

You do need to ensure that you are the simplest member to your family to register as a member when you consider that their web page best accepts one member according to ip address.

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